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Season 3 of The Chosen comes to a stunning conclusion that demands to be seen on the big screen.

In Episodes 7 & 8, Simon and Eden face marital crisis, Matthew’s faith takes a turn, and the thousands of people following Jesus grow restless… until a boy brings some loaves and fishes.

Episode 7 will be available on February 5 and Episode 8 will be available on February 7 in the Angel Studios app.

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"The success of the series is a powerful reminder to Hollywood that faith-focused projects can sometimes become breakthrough hits."

– John Jurgensen

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Take it from a critic and a Christian with an aversion to Christian entertainment: The show is good.

– Chris DeVille

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Will I be able to watch this in the app?

Of course! The show will always be free for everyone around the world. Seeing it in theaters gives you a few day’s head start, and seeing the finale on the big screen is a lot of fun. It will always be available for free in the Angel Studios app. Download the app today.

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What is the link to purchase tickets?
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What cities will this be playing in?

We are currently in 2,000 locations. Find your closest theater at

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How much will tickets cost?

Each theater dictates its own pricing so you will need to look up how much the theater nearest you is charging.

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Are the tickets refundable?

All refunds must go through the theater. Fathom or The Chosen do not have any say when it comes to transactions. All policy is dictated at the local theater level.

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What if tickets run out before I can get one? Will you be opening more theaters?

It's possible. We are continuing to add theaters. You're welcome to check back in with your theater to see if any times are added.

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What age would we recommend this is appropriate for?

We recommend parental guidance. However, if you're comfortable with what you've seen on The Chosen so far, it's likely you'll be fine.

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Where can I catch up on the season before the finale?

Good news! Episodes 1-6 are available free in the Angel Studios app.

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