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Show Overview

Welcome to the world of Jungle Beat: where the jungle brings wild, adventurous fun for kids and the young at heart! Meet Munki and Trunk, two best friends who spend their days having fun in the wild with their jungle crew. Whatever tricky situation may come their way, they learn that friendship and caring always triumphs—no matter the twists and turns!


Jungle Beat celebrates and inspires the best elements of the human spirit. With animation’s unique ability to transcend limitations, we’ve created this animated series to appeal to audiences of any age, culture, or ethnicity.


Jungle Beat: The Movie is now exclusively on Netflix.

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Jungle Beat is produced by Sunrise Productions, a CG animation studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

There are many ways to support Jungle Beat. You can support our show by watching it and sharing it with friends and family. In addition, you can Pay it Forward so that a show can continue to stream for free.

Yes, there are more seasons coming soon that you can also stream in the Angel app.

You can watch Jungle Beat on a variety of platforms, including mobile, TV, and web. Search “Angel Studios” on your platform of choice to download or view our content. To see a full list of supported devices, go to angel.com/legal/devices. Start streaming Jungle Beat today!

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