Join the Angel Guild for Sound of Freedom Early Access
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Join the Angel Guild for Sound of Freedom Early Access

by Angel Studios | September 27, 2023

If you want to stream Sound of Freedom before anyone else, become a member of the Angel Guild and gain early access to start streaming the film beginning October 13, 2023. Please note, early access is only available to those in the United States.

Sound of Freedom

The Impact of Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom took the world by storm this summer, beating out Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny for the top box office spot on opening day. Since its July 4th release, Sound of Freedom has made over $200 million worldwide and is one of the highest-grossing independent films in history. Fans around the world purchased millions of Pay it Forward tickets so people could see the film for free. And it’s not just the media who have taken note of this film. United States Congress members convened on Capitol Hill to host a special screening and there have since been dozens of bills, laws, and pledges proposed to help put a stop to child trafficking around the world. Be the first to stream this film by becoming a member of the Angel Guild. Receiving early access to Sound of Freedom is just one of many perks of joining the Guild. 

Benefits of the Angel Guild

The Angel Guild is a body of thousands of Angel investors and members who review Torches (concept footage or fully completed films including movies, TV series, and documentaries). Guild members help determine if Angel Studios takes on a project by watching and voting on these Torches.

As a Guild member you get to: 

  • Vote on what new shows and movies get made

  • Help give feedback to filmmakers as they make the shows and movies

  • Get early access to stream certain shows and movies before anyone else

How Can I Become a Member of the Angel Guild?

Fans can join the Angel Guild in one of two ways:

*Angel Guild membership isn’t immediate for investors. After the round of investment is closed, members will gain access after everything is processed. 

Find out more about the perks of the Angel Guild here

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