What is the Angel Guild?
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What is the Angel Guild?

by Angel Studios | May 9, 2023

Angel Studios runs a little differently than traditional Hollywood studios. Instead of relying on a few executive producers to greenlight upcoming films and TV shows, Angel Studios utilizes the wisdom of the fans to tell us what to distribute next.

That’s how the Angel Guild was born. 

What is the Angel Guild?

The Angel Guild is a body of thousands of Angel investors and subscribers who review Torches (concept footage or fully completed films including movies, TV series, and documentaries). Guild members help determine if Angel Studios takes on a project by watching and voting on these Torches. If a Torch's voting results achieve the Guild's minimum eligibility requirements, it enters into a due diligence process to determine if Angel Studios is the right fit for the project.

How Can I Become a Member of the Angel Guild?

Fans can join the Angel Guild in one of two ways.

*Angel Guild membership isn’t immediate for investors. After the round of investment is closed, members will gain access after everything is processed. 

What are the Angel Guild Perks?

Angel Guild members gain access to exclusive Torches that you can’t see anywhere else and often receive early screeners for select shows. Members vote on what Angel Studios makes next, granting them huge control over what content is available to stream in the coming years. Additionally, Guild members get a sneak peek of upcoming investment opportunities at Angel Studios. 

Finally, Guild members earn what are called Lumens. As you vote and take time to express your opinion, members rack up points (Lumens) that can eventually be used to purchase digital collectibles and grant other people access to the Guild. 

Has the Angel Guild Worked?

Yes! The Angel Guild gave the His Only Son Torch one of highest ratings in Guild history. This movie went on to do $12 million at the box office and already paid back their investors a 120% return. 

Why is this significant? More traditional studios didn’t want to distribute His Only Son. Angel Guild members saw its potential, and now the investors and fans are already reaping the benefits of that vote. 

Join the Angel Guild

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