How to Submit Your Film Project to Angel Studios
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How to Submit Your Film Project to Angel Studios

by Angel Studios | November 25, 2022

Angel Studios’ mission is to share stories that amplify light. If you have a story that you believe amplifies light, then follow the creator journey below.

Here is what to expect:

Submit your Torch to Angel Studios Here

đź’ˇ How do we define light? Stories that are true, honest, noble, just, authentic, lovely, admirable, and excellent.


Every filmmaker that desires to work with Angel Studios must first present a Torch video to the Angel Guild. The Angel Guild is a body of thousands of Angel Studios supporters who review and vote on Torches to decide which projects Angel Studios should move forward with. Angel Studios will not move forward with a movie or series without first getting the approval of the Angel Guild.

What is the Angel Guild?

In order to pass the Angel Guild, all submissions must meet the minimum eligibility score for their respective categories. The categories and scores are as follows:

  • Torches = 45

  • Completed Films Intended for Streaming = 45*

  • Completed Films Intended for Theaters = 60*

*Filmmakers with completed films must first submit a Torch

⚙️ These numbers reflect the current minimum Guild eligibility scores. Angel Studios reserves the right to change these scores at any time. When scores are changed, they will be applied equally to all submissions awaiting a decision in the Guild as well as new submissions going forward. Changes to the Guild may be documented here.

What is a Torch?

A Torch is a prototype of your final production that is at least five minutes long. Angel Guild members will watch your Torch and vote on their favorite projects. You must submit an eligible torch before receiving any consideration from the Angel Guild. Carefully review this page to understand the requirements of a properly formatted Torch.

Why do you need a Torch?

The Torch proves you can assemble and lead a team to turn your vision into reality. If you would like to see examples of torches that have already passed the Angel Guild, you can download our mobile app or visit The Torches are the full videos minus any director commentary.

What to expect in the application

The filmmaker application is how we receive your Torch and put it into the Angel Guild. The application includes:

  • Production Information

    • Information about your production including the title, description, and genres

  • Angel Studios’ Torch Agreement

    • A non-exclusive licensing agreement that allows Angel Studios to stream the Torch in the Angel Guild for the purpose of gauging interest from the audience

  • Uploads

    • Upload the video file for your Torch as well as a thumbnail to represent the video inside the Guild

  • An application fee

    • Currently $250

Submit your Torch to Angel Studios Here


Building a movement is where together we begin to grow an audience for your production. Once your Torch passes the Angel Guild and an agreement is reached to move forward, you are introduced to your team at Angel Studios, and we build a strategy to bring awareness to your project. If we select your film or series as an Angel Original, our team will help you with goals, branding, and messaging while giving you full creative control of your production.

Submit your Torch to Angel Studios Here


Angel Studios works with Angel Funding to help creators raise capital to fund their production. Go to to learn more about crowdfunding with Angel Funding.

You can crowdfund for production or for P&A (print and advertising) if your film is already finished.

đź’ˇ Angel Funding operates independently of Angel Studios and is an SEC and FINRA regulated Portal focused on film and TV.


This is the where filmmakers do what they do best. Angel Studios is mostly hands off in this stage, and we allow you to bring your vision to life. We give full creative control to you during production and are happy to provide any additional resources if needed.

During production, the Angel audience continues to remain accessible to you. Keep your fans up to date and grow your audience by posting regular updates to the Angel Guild.

Submit your Torch to Angel Studios Here


Your final step in the Angel Studios model is distribution. We work with you to create a distribution strategy and reach as wide an audience as possible.

Take a look at the Angel Distribution model explained in this video:

Submit your Torch to Angel Studios Here

Pro tips!

Here are a few steps you can take to increase your chances of passing the Angel Guild and partnering with Angel Studios.

    Download the Angel Studios app and join the Angel Guild to review Torches submitted by other creators.

    Go to the Guild tab in the Angel Studios mobile app and watch other Torches that have passed the Angel Guild

    Go to the Feedback section of the Guild tab in the Angel Studios mobile app and follow other creators to see their interactions with their audiences.

    Watch other Angel Originals and see what successful Angel Studios content looks like.

* At this time, Angel Studios is only accepting Torch Videos that can be submitted to the Guild. Please do not send scripts, books, or ideas that are not in Torch form.

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