Angel Studios Helping Anti-Trafficking Non-Profits
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Angel Studios Helping Anti-Trafficking Non-Profits

by Angel Studios | July 14, 2023

There are thousands of non-profits around the world on the frontlines fighting child trafficking and we're giving them first priority to claim Pay it Forward tickets.

Sound of Freedom is supporting ALL non-profits that are helping fight child sex trafficking. Angel Studios' goal is to raise global awareness, but not get in the way of solutions that can arise from that awareness. 

The Angel community has Paid it Forward for many people to see Sound of Freedom. As a non-profit that is fighting child-sex trafficking, you can book a theater for a fundraising event and get it fully reimbursed by the Angel community. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Book a private theater of the size of your choice (step-by-step instructions to book a private theater here) and keep the receipt for the cost of booking the room. 

  2. Fill your private theater at least 70% full for the showing. 

  3. Take a photo of one of the directors of your non-profit with the audience in attendance.  You should be holding a logo of your non-profit in the photo.

  4. Head to our support link, select General Questions in the dropdown menu, and fill out the form. Include the following info and we will reimburse your private booking:

    • Receipt for the cost of the room. 

    • Your website with a link to the photo of the director on your website who took the photo and the same logo as in the photo. 

    • In the photo, we need to be able to authenticate that your auditorium is at least 70% full. 

    • Payment info (processing time will be around 2 weeks once received)

      1. W9 - Required

      2. Check, ACH, or wire details 

At Angel Studios, we want to support ALL non-profits in using Sound of Freedom and the generous Pay it Forward tickets to raise awareness and donations for the movement. 

Pay it Forward.
Your choice to Pay it Forward keeps Sound of Freedom free around the world.