A Celebration of Impact: The Movement of Sound of Freedom
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A Celebration of Impact: The Movement of Sound of Freedom

by Angel Studios | March 4, 2024

Dear Angels,

Sound of Freedom was Angel Studios’ biggest theatrical success to date! Not only was it a major box office triumph, but it opened up a crucial conversation about child trafficking. In fact, 105% of Sound of Freedom Pay it Forward tickets were distributed. Brought to life by Producer Eduardo Verastegui and Director Alejandro Monteverde, Sound of Freedom is still making waves in the culture today and continuing its success in the world.

Angel Studios’ mission to amplify light is what started this all. But it was you joining the movement that propelled Sound of Freedom to unprecedented heights. Here is just a taste of what you did.*

  • Sound of Freedom grossed $249,487,197 in the worldwide box office

  • $26,075,511 was contributed to distribute 1,738,367 tickets for others to watch Sound of Freedom for free via the Pay it Forward program

  • Because of this, Angel Studios distributed 1,827,634 tickets to audience members worldwide who may not have otherwise seen it in theaters

That’s incredible! Almost two million people saw Sound of Freedom for free BECAUSE OF YOU.

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, Angel Studios is happy to share the following report detailing funds associated with the production and distribution of Sound of Freedom.* This report provides a clear and detailed overview of the financial journey of the film.

*These number are up-to-date as of December 31, 2023.

Graphic of Box Office Numbers

Finally, I am thrilled to share that Angel Studios has provided members of the Angel Guild who invested in the P&A—6,676 investors raised $4,999,436—a remarkable 120% return in 59 days. This incredible achievement not only speaks to the financial success of Sound of Freedom but also underscores Angel Studios' unwavering commitment to delivering value to all stakeholders involved.

As we reflect upon the journey that has brought us to this moment, let us not forget the profound impact that Sound of Freedom has had on the world.

We can’t wait to see what you greenlight next!

Neal Harmon

CEO Angel Studios

Pay it Forward.
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