Dry Bar Unscripted: Experience Improv Like Never Before
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Dry Bar Unscripted: Experience Improv Like Never Before

by Angel Studios | December 15, 2023

Nothing gets a crowd roaring quite like improv. Talented improv comedians make real-time magic as they deliver unscripted quips to the delight of audiences young and old. While a few scattered shows and underground theaters have kept the art of improv alive, it’s time we made this hilarious form of comedy available at the click of a button.

The team behind Dry Bar Comedy, ImprovBroadway’s Zach Atherton, and Whose Line Is It Anyway? stars Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood present Dry Bar Unscripted: the world’s first platform for improv comedy specials. 

Dry Bar Comedy is the world’s largest database of comedy specials, and we aim to create the same momentum with Dry Bar Unscripted, which started crowdfunding and producing specials in 2023. With the firepower and expertise of this impressive team of veteran improv comedians, and with the help of loyal Dry Bar fans, we’re confident that Dry Bar Unscripted is going to take over the world. 


What is Dry Bar Unscripted?

Improv fans rejoice! A sister channel to the increasingly popular Dry Bar Comedy—the largest library of clean stand-up comedy specials in the world, with more than 4 billion views— Dry Bar Unscripted is the world’s first platform entirely dedicated to improv comedy specials.

The improv comedy genre has amassed a horde of raving fans over the past half-century, and we’re beyond excited to welcome improv fans everywhere into the Dry Bar family.

Dry Bar’s journey began in 2016. VidAngel CEO Neal Harmon wanted to expand the company’s brand beyond their entertainment filtering service. The team launched VidAngel Studios—which evolved to become Angel Studios—so they could create their own original content that amplified light. 

Upon the inception of this new studio, the Harmon Brothers had an idea; they wanted to open an alcohol-free comedy club that featured comedians with clean sets for the whole family. A lot of skeptics questioned how this dream would pan out, but Dry Bar Comedy has now grown to record-breaking proportions, with more than 2 billion views.

Drawing upon this incredible momentum, Dry Bar Unscripted will feature an ever-growing lineup of family-friendly improv comedians and provide laughter and light to families in a new, fresh way. With new episodes recorded in the beloved Dry Bar theater and premiering every Friday, you can now enjoy brilliant stand-up and improv from the comfort of your own home!

Dry Bar Unscripted has some all-star showrunners at its helm. Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood are famed and deeply admired improv comedians best known for the ABC and CW improv comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and are the bright and hilarious minds behind Dry Bar Unscripted. Zach Atherton, founder and owner of ImprovBroadway, and Angel Studios’ founding Harmon Brothers make up the rest of the team behind the brand-new improv platform.


How is it Different from Dry Bar Stand-Up?

A separate company from Dry Bar Comedy (but still distributed through Angel Studios), Dry Bar Unscripted may be different from what Dry Bar Comedy fans have come to expect. 

Dry Bar Comedy has become the largest online library of stand-up comedy specials in the world and has become known to fans as the home to the work of hundreds of stand-up comedians from across the globe.

Dry Bar Unscripted will follow the same pattern as Dry Bar Comedy, but with a twist: Dry Bar Unscripted’s extensive comedy library will feature only improv comedians, but will still highlight the work of comedians from all walks of life, and become a robust go-to collection of comedy specials just like Dry Bar Comedy

Meet the Actors

Dry Bar Unscripted will feature a vast array of talented comedians, but here are a few standouts who have started the platform off with a bang. 

Kenny Baldwin

Kenny Baldwin is a comedian, writer, and alum of Utah County comedy fixtures BYU Divine Comedy and Studio C. Baldwin studied law and public relations at BYU, and has written historical fantasy novels The Price of Freedom and The Crimson Inkwell. Laugh ‘'til you cry at Baldwin’s Dry Bar Unscripted special “So Much Texture.” 

Adam Broud

Based in Provo, Utah, Adam Broud was once described by a date as “suspiciously funny.” This credential is proven in Broud’s hilarious stand-up, improv specials, screenplays, and comedy sketches. Get ready to roar at Broud’s brilliant Dry Bar Unscripted special “Hobby Lobbyist.”

Gabe Greenspan

Gabe Greenspan’s acting career began in his childhood. Gaining industry expertise from his father, actor Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Gabe performed throughout the Los Angeles area, spent summers honing his craft at the prestigious French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, and ultimately earned his B.A. in Theater Studies at Yale University. Greenspan is one half of the sketch comedy duo The Idiot Chimney, for which he writes and performs, and was featured in Headless, a YouTube series from Shipwrecked comedy. Prepare to howl at Greenspan’s Dry Bar Unscripted special “Sixth in Command.”

Bryson Alejandro

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Bryson Alejandro is a comedian, writer, actor, producer, and co-founder of Época, a non-profit working to increase visibility and representation for people of color in Utah’s film industry. Alejandro has co-starred in TV series, acted in commercials and short films, is frequently featured at ComedySportz, and is a member of ImprovBroadway’s main-stage cast. Alejandro co-runs his own video production company called Infigo Films, which specializes in ads in the lifestyle and comedy genres. Alejandro also teaches at BYU’s annual Sketch Comedy Workshop for youth. Fans are loving his side-splitting Dry Bar Unscripted special “24604.”

Chris Mathieu

Chris Mathieu is a comedian, actor, and musician hailing from Northern Virginia and Los Angeles, California. Mathieu’s sharp wit shines through in his Dry Bar Unscripted special “Bear Hug.” 

Where and When to Watch Dry Bar Unscripted

Dry Bar Unscripted is live, with new specials in production and airing every Friday. Create a FREE Dry Bar Unscripted account to enjoy the platform’s growing cache of improv specials from comedians Chris Mathieu, Kenny Baldwin, and more. 

You can enjoy Dry Bar Unscripted improv specials TODAY on the platform’s website! Support the show by expressing interest and investing in the project. Help us give the world a good laugh.

While you wait for more Dry Bar Unscripted specials to air, laugh for hours with the all-time greats of Dry Bar Comedy. There’s something to get everyone wheezing on this robust comedy streaming platform.

You can also support and rep the world’s largest library of stand-up comedy specials—and look good doing it— with new Dry Bar Comedy merchandise

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