6 Christian Comedians to Watch in 2024
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6 Christian Comedians to Watch in 2024

by Angel Studios | March 28, 2024

Enjoy Christian Comedy for the Whole Family

Christian comedians are on the rise and we’ve hand-selected six of our favorites! Boasting millions of views on Dry Bar Comedy, these six comedians are proving that you don’t need to be crude to be funny. From Jay Stevens introducing us to Southern Jesus to Jeff Allen claiming that teenagers are God’s revenge, these clean comedians fearlessly poke fun at their religious upbringings—without being sacrilegious. Prepare for a laugh-out-loud compilation of comedy specials that will leave you begging for more!

Read on to discover how these Christian comedians are topping the charts without compromising their values.  

1. Jay Stevens — Southern Jesus

Jay Stevens has been a comedian for almost 20 years, so he knows a thing or two about entertaining an audience. His hilarious sets focus on the blunders of raising kids, growing up in a Southern Christian household, and the downfalls of aging. His animated comedy is his secret weapon, leaving audiences in happy tears. Enjoy his special “Southern Jesus” on Dry Bar Comedy


2. Shayne Smith — How To Get Banned From Karate

Shayne Smith has amassed millions of views on YouTube, thanks to his hugely popular Dry Bar Comedy specials. In "How To Get Banned From Karate," he talks about getting arrested for using nunchucks in a bar fight, getting face tattoos, and, you guessed it, getting banned from a karate competition. A brilliant storyteller with impeccable comedic timing, Shayne Smith will quickly become your new favorite comedian. Check out his other Dry Bar Comedy special "Prison for Wizards."

3. Christy Conder — There is Nothing Funnier than Kids in Church

Christy Conder’s favorite pastime is teaching the youth at her local church because it makes for great comedy. Conder hilariously recounts all the heartfelt questions she’s been asked, including if horses survived the parting of the Red Sea. Even better, she claims that her church has taken the liberty of rebranding “Duck, Duck, Goose” to be “Disciple, Disciple, Judas.” 

Check out this snippet from her Dry Bar Comedy special to get a taste of Conder’s Sunday routine. 

4. Jonnie W. — It Has Been A Weird Couple of Years  

There’s no one who knows how to lovingly poke fun at Christianity quite like Jonnie W. His quotable comedy has been entertaining audiences all over the country for decades. He admits he loves church, but things got weird during the pandemic. From pastors preaching to empty Zoom rooms, to Ten Commandments plaques decorating the walls, to working in the Church nursery, Jonnie holds nothing back as he deep dives into his Sunday worship. Check out a clip from his Dry Bar Comedy special “It Has Been A Weird Couple of Years” and prepare to crack up from start to finish. If you can't get enough of Jonnie, enjoy his other special "Not My Cup of Tea." 

5. Jeff Allen — Why Teenagers are God’s Revenge 

Jeff Allen is a comedic veteran who has been climbing the comedy charts and collecting accolades for decades. In one of his most hilarious takes yet, Allen claims that teenagers are Satan’s spawn in this Dry Bar Comedy special. He discusses the challenges of parenting children who respond with nonchalant "whatevers," and explains why he doesn't mind if his kids believe he's ruined their lives. Check out this clip, “Why Teenagers are God’s Revenge” on Dry Bar Comedy. Watch his full special "I Can Laugh About It Now" today.

6. Aaron Woodall — No One Pretends to be Religious

When Aaron Woodall faces skepticism about being Mormon, he humorously counters by claiming that nobody would pretend to be religious. He recounts several amusing instances of people’s perception of Mormons and why it’s become his mission to disprove (or prove) all of the comical stereotypes. Check out his Dry Bar Comedy clip, “No One Pretends to Be Religious” and prepare to burst with laughter, and watch the full special here.   

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