Walk in Her Shoes: A Guide to the New Cabrini Books
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Walk in Her Shoes: A Guide to the New Cabrini Books

by Angel Studios | February 26, 2024

We are all gearing up to celebrate the triumphs of Francesca Cabrini in Angel Studios’ newest masterpiece Cabrini, from Sound of Freedom director Alejandro Monteverde. Cabrini’s hard work, grit, and relentless spirit built an empire of hope that endures today. 

New Cabrini Books  

As you prepare to experience the movie, immerse yourself in the thoughts, spirituality, and life of Mother Cabrini in a beautiful new book collection from Angel Studios and Sophia Institute Press. Featuring a biography, a devotional, and a children’s book, there’s something for everyone in this stunning collection. 

“Mother Cabrini- A Heart for the World” Children’s Book

Wish your little ones were old enough to watch Cabrini? You can give them a true role model in Francesca Cabrini with “Mother Cabrini- A Heart for the World,” a gorgeous children’s book that will not only educate your kids about this incredible figure and her place in American history but will inspire them to mirror her compassion and courage in their own lives.

As your children dive into this brilliant book, they’ll discover characters much like themselves. The story includes little heroes who helped Cabrini establish her worldwide empire of hope and helped her open hospitals, orphanages, and schools all across the globe. 

The book’s author, Claudia Cangilla McAdam, has a striking amount in common with Francesca Cabrini: not only are both women five feet tall and Italian but both are dedicated to inviting the rising generation to adopt virtuous values, build character, and increase faith. 

The vibrant artwork of New York Times bestselling illustrator Richard Cowdrey brings each brilliant page to life and paints Cabrini’s story in a breathtaking and singular way. In addition to being a renowned children’s book illustrator, Cowdrey also boasts the titles of author, speaker, fine artist, and educator. 

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A Heart for the World Photo

“The World Is Too Small - The Life and Times of Mother Cabrini” Biography

The film Cabrini paints a gorgeous picture of this celebrated woman’s life, illustrating key moments from her inspiring journey in a moving cinematic display. Do you feel inclined to dive deeper into Mother Cabrini’s life and teachings? Did the epic film leave you eager to know more about Cabrini? If so, this rich and addicting biography is your perfect destination. You’ll love learning about her incredible life in much greater detail. 

Angel Studios is honored to present a special edition of the classic bestselling biography from Theodore Maynard. “The World Is Too Small - The Life and Times of Mother Cabrini,” details the life of this inspiring woman, and includes a new introduction by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Each epic chapter chronicles the adventures of this visionary Italian-American religious sister who defied the odds, founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and became the first American saint. 

You’ll be pleased to discover diary entries and hand-written letters from Cabrini herself, providing a special glimpse into her resilience and faith. The biography gives readers a unique look at how the remarkable woman dealt with discrimination and rejection as she fought to establish health, education, and care centers for immigrants not only in New York City, but all across the globe. This is more than a biography: it’s a testament to the power and enduring faith of the woman who built an empire of hope for children around the world. 

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“The Mother Cabrini Companion” Devotional 

Were the spiritual moments in the movie Cabrini especially powerful for you? Seeking a greater depth or a fresh perspective in your spiritual study? Immerse yourself in this enriching devotional book filled with the teachings and thoughts of Francesca Cabrini, also known as St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, the first American saint in the Catholic Church.

The unstoppable force behind a worldwide empire of service and hope, Mother Cabrini taught with a depth of compassion and faith that will take your studies to new heights. Each devotional is filled with her signature faith, hope, and zeal for service, and are sure to enhance anyone’s spiritual journey.

Taken directly from letters and extensive notes from Mother Cabrini herself, these devotionals are not only incredibly powerful but are authentic and unmarred by the passage of time. Authors Emily Wilson Hussem and Crystalina Evert wrote the preface and afterword, which showcase the role model Mother Cabrini is to women today.

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A Glimpse into Her Life 

Each of these books was intentionally and thoughtfully written to reflect the magnitude of Cabrini’s service, as well as the strength of her faith and resolve. “The Mother Cabrini Companion” even includes real-life quotes and journal entries from Cabrini, providing a unique and accurate insight into her beliefs and teachings. 

We are grateful for our partners at Sophia Institute Press, as well as our talented authors, for their tireless dedication in crafting literature that is accurate, respectful, and stirring to the soul. 

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