Mother Cabrini’s Shrines: Places of Spiritual Reflection
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Mother Cabrini’s Shrines: Places of Spiritual Reflection

by Angel Studios | March 13, 2024

The Mother Cabrini Shrines stand as a testament to the remarkable life and legacy of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, known as Mother Cabrini. There are multiple shrines throughout the US, with the most popular being in Golden, CO, as well as others in Chicago and NYC. 

Angel Studios’ latest film, Cabrini, is taking the world by storm with its powerful acting performances, cinematography, and heartfelt story. 

Cabrini Shrine in Colorado

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The Mother Cabrini Shrine in Colorado, nestled in the tranquil foothills near Golden, was originally established as a summer refuge for orphaned girls. Over time, it has evolved into a sacred space for spiritual reflection, featuring the symbolic Stairway of Prayers leading to the chapel, inviting visitors on a journey of enlightenment and renewal.

The Shrine’s Origins

The origins of the shrine, rooted in compassion and service, remind us of its humble beginnings as a sanctuary for orphaned girls during the summer months. Today, its chapel dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus continues to inspire seekers of faith and comfort.

Cabrini Shrine in Chicago

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In the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, the Mother Cabrini Shrine stands as a beacon of compassion and service, honoring her enduring legacy in healthcare and education. With its serene chapel, the striking statue of Mother Cabrini, and lush gardens, the shrine offers pilgrims a tranquil space for prayer and reflection.

 Cabrini Shrine in New York City

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 Perched atop Fort Washington Avenue in New York City's Washington Heights, the Mother Cabrini Shrine overlooks the bustling metropolis below. This sacred oasis, marking Cabrini’s  former residence, provides visitors with panoramic views of the Hudson River and the iconic skyline of New York City, symbolizing Mother Cabrini's enduring presence and mission in the city.

Julia Attaway, the executive director of the Cabrini Shrine in NYC said this about the treatment of Mother Cabrini’s character in Cabrini:

“I don’t think the movie misses anything it intended to hit. It’s intended to portray Mother Cabrini’s character and to help people be inspired by the kind of person she was. It was not intended as a faith-based movie. And that’s okay. A movie doesn’t have to cause instant conversions. When you put things out there that are good and true, God will work with them in the hearts of people. I think that what the movie puts out there can plant many seeds.”

See the Remarkable True Story of the Woman Who Inspired the Shrines

Witness the remarkable true story of Mother Cabrini, the woman whose life inspired the creation of these sacred shrines. As you plan your visit (or reminisce on past experiences) to the shrine, consider enhancing your understanding by watching the major motion picture, Cabrini. This compelling film delves deep into the life of Mother Cabrini, exploring her miraculous deeds and her unwavering commitment to serving others.

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