Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom
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Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom

by Angel Studios | May 4, 2023

Sound of Freedom is a thriller based on the incredible true story of a former government agent turned freedom fighter who embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue dozens of children from human trafficking. This emotionally riveting narrative is a powerful story of heroism and stands as a testament to the tenacious spirit of those who refuse to let evil triumph.

Since Sound of Freedom is a completed movie, you may ask, "Why should I Pay it Forward?" When we released His Only Son, thousands of fans gifted 27,000 tickets to people who didn't have the opportunity to see it in theaters. We want to apply this same model to Sound of Freedom.

Why Should I Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom?

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The vast majority of people who will watch this film will not be personally impacted by trafficking. This could potentially make people feel more isolated and helpless, wondering “What can I possibly do to help?” The mission of this film, and Angel Studios’ role in distributing it, is to spread worldwide awareness about the horrors of modern-day slavery. If we’re going to spread awareness, that means getting as many people as possible to go to theaters and watch this film.

One way to do that is through Angel Studios’ Pay it Forward ticket model. When viewers Pay it Forward for Sound of Freedom, they are covering the cost of actual movie tickets for someone who would not otherwise be able to see the film. By Paying it Forward, viewers help bring this powerful message to people everywhere.

How Can I Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom?

You can help spread this message worldwide by Paying it Forward to Sound of Freedom today.


When will Sound of Freedom  be released?

The Sound of Freedom release date will be announced at Angel Studios' annual Illuminate event on May 11. You can pre-order your tickets to the theatrical release on that day, too.

Join us for the red carpet at 6:30 pm, MT, and the live show at 7 pm, MT, on Facebook.

Why should I Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom?

When you Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom, you are covering the cost of actual movie tickets for someone who would not otherwise be able to see the film. 

With the success of His Only Son, Angel Studios proved to the theatrical industry that this Pay it Forward model surpassed expectations. When you Pay it Forward, you are part of a movement in history to share stories that amplify light.

Why are tickets $14?

According to purchase data, the estimated average price of a ticket is $14. However, prices may vary by region, with some areas charging more and others charging less. It's worth noting that this price includes an additional fee of approximately $1.50-2.00 per ticket, which most providers charge during the checkout process.

Who will receive free tickets?

Anyone who cannot afford a ticket or would not otherwise be able to see the film will have an opportunity to claim a free ticket. The process for claiming a free ticket will be available soon.

How will this money be used?

Your Pay It Forward dollars will provide the means for people to claim actual tickets to see this film.

What happens if all tickets are not claimed?

If there are any funds remaining after the theatrical run, they will be used to pay for streaming Sound of Freedom in the Angel Studios app. Remaining funds from Pay it Forward may also be used to help the filmmaker create additional content.

Pay it Forward.
Your choice to Pay it Forward keeps Angel Studios free around the world.