Final Transparency Report for The Chosen
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Final Transparency Report for The Chosen

by Angel Studios | June 8, 2024

In the wake of The Chosen, Inc terminating their agreement with Angel Studios, we've received many questions. In this blog post, we're focusing on questions pertaining to revenue.

First, we'd like to say that we are honored to have been a part of The Chosen's journey to share the story of Jesus and His followers with over 100 million people worldwide. We wish them the best with Season 4 and beyond.

In the spirit of transparency, we're sharing the official breakdown of revenue.

In 2022, we gave a transparency report for The Chosen. Here is the final report to date. As of the start of Season 3, after marketing and hard-fixed costs, profits were split evenly—50% to each Angel Studios and The Chosen. This is an industry standard streaming agreement.

Angel Studios generated $281.9 million in revenue from The Chosen brand as of May 28, 2024. Here’s how that revenue is used:

  • $116.3 million to The Chosen, LLC as licensing royalties

  • $64.2 million to Angel Studios (which we reinvested in technology, product, and infrastructure)

  • $56.9 million to direct distribution costs (cost to produce merchandise, third-party fees, delivery, servers, bandwidth, streaming, etc.)

  • $44.5 million to marketing and advertising costs to reach over 106 million people

We love your passion for Angel Studios and The Chosen and hope you'll continue to support and amplify both.

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