Statement on The Chosen and Angel Studios
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Statement on The Chosen and Angel Studios

by Angel Studios | May 29, 2024

Sadly, The Chosen, Inc has terminated its agreement with Angel Studios. We hope that one day the agreement may be restored. The team at Angel Studios is so happy we were able to be instrumental in the founding of The Chosen and thrilled our long hours of hard work over the last 8 years helped it become the worldwide success it is. We thank the Angel audience and fans for helping bring The Chosen to life—we couldn't have done this without you.

Contributors to The Chosen

Angel Studios is also the studio behind hits such as Sound of Freedom, The Shift, Cabrini, His Only Son, and Testament as well as TV series such as Dry Bar Comedy, The Wingfeather Saga, and Tuttle Twins. Founded in 2013 by brothers out of a desire to deliver better stories for their own children and shape the future of entertainment for like-minded families around the world, Angel Studios has built a powerful platform for stories that amplify light.

Angel Studios is turning the traditional Hollywood gatekeeper model upside down by giving the green light power to the audience. Over 300,000 members of the Angel Guild from 155 countries now decide which stories Angel should produce and/or distribute next.

Join the Angel Guild, the movement shaping the future of entertainment, and help us build a library of films and TV shows that amplify light. We'll be accelerating over the next year having already announced 5 new films and 6 new TV seasons.

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