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During their journey to deliver the truth that Christ has risen, a group of believers must travel through danger and persecution. Set in modern day, Testament explores the re-imagining of the Book of Acts. See how Luke’s life unfolds as he hears the parables of Jesus for the first time.


There is something in Testament for everyone, regardless of where they are in life. This film is for those struggling, thriving, or just beginning their faith journey. No matter their age, we expect young adults, parents, and all will enjoy this modern rendition of Bible stories.

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It is our hope that Testament will appeal to many Christians, especially those in the millennial and Gen Z generations. Younger generations are looking for compelling, impactful stories and are open to exploring their faith in a variety of ways; Testament will do just that.

Testament is a movie available now on the Angel app. Due to its positive response, they’ve partnered with Angel Studios for the opportunity to develop Testament into an upcoming multi-season show.

Testament brings to life the epicness of the Bible. Some intense moments may need to be considered before showing younger kids, but the message of the film is wholesome and uplifting.

The production company behind Testament, roarlight, was founded by Paul Syrstad in 2017 with the purpose of producing films and TV shows that would "roar the light of Christ" on and off the screen.

There are many ways to support Testament. You can support our show by watching it and sharing it with friends and family. Additionally, Paying it Forward keeps your favorite content free for streaming on the Angel app.

You can watch Testament on a variety of platforms, including mobile, TV, and web. Search “Angel Studios” on your platform of choice to download or view our content. To see a full list of supported devices, go to angel.com/legal/devices. Start streaming Testament today!

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