Our Mission

This film is more than just a movie; it's a movement raising crucial awareness about the horrors of child trafficking. Every view is a strike against this evil. With over 70+ million views, we've made an impact, but the fight is not over. We need more fighters for children. Supported by 300,000 guild members, we're breaking down barriers by offering the film for free for a limited time. Help us reach 100 million viewers. Your contribution is vital to expanding our reach and impact. Your involvement can save lives. Let's spread awareness globally to end the exploitation of millions of trafficked children.

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Thanks to the millions of Pay it Forward contributions that made it possible for 70+ million people to see Sound of Freedom. Living in fear is not how we solve this problem and you showed that living in hope is where a difference can be made.

Because 70+ million people watched Sound of Freedom:

  • Alabama’s Governor Ivey signed an act to crack down on human trafficking. It was appropriately named Sound of Freedom Act

  • In September 2023, California passed SB 14, which reclassifies commercial child sex trafficking as a serious felony.

  • On July 30, 2023, the UN marked World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, highlighting the need for global cooperation in fighting trafficking and supporting victims.

  • As of February 2024, DOJ reported that a draft memorandum of agreement is under review that formalizes collaboration plans between DOJ's Office for Victims of Crime and HHS's Office on Trafficking in Persons to combat child trafficking.

  • The Preventing Child Trafficking Act of 2024 would enhance cooperation among federal agencies by requiring the Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services to implement the Government Accountability Office's (GAO's) anti-trafficking recommendations.

Learn more on our blog A Celebration Of Impact: The Movement of Sound of Freedom.

You have the opportunity to continue telling this story. Imagine the impact we could make if 100 million people watched this film. Pay it forward now to keep Sound of Freedom free to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Sound of Freedom be released?

Sound of Freedom was exclusively in theaters on July 4. Sound of Freedom is now available for free for a limited time thanks to Guild members and those who Pay it Forward. Pay it Forward contributions will allow this film to continue to be free for everyone to watch.

Why should I Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom?

When you Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom, you are covering the cost to market the film to the world, so everyone is be able to see the film for free.

With the success of His Only Son, Angel Studios proved to the theatrical industry that this Pay it Forward model surpassed expectations. When you Pay it Forward, you are part of a movement in history to share stories that amplify light.

When is the Sound of Freedom DVD & Blu-Ray available?

It is available now in our store.