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While not everyone who watches this film is directly impacted by child trafficking, many may wonder, “What can I possibly do to help?” The mission of this film, and Angel Studios’ role in distributing it, is to spark conversation about the horrors of human trafficking. We want people all around the globe to see this movie and spread awareness to honor the millions of trafficked children.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Sound of Freedom be released?

Sound of Freedom was exclusively in theaters on July 4. Sound of Freedom is available to Angel Guild members. Pay it Forward contributions will allow this film to be available for free for everyone.

Why should I Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom?

When you Pay it Forward to Sound of Freedom, you are covering the cost to market the film to the world, so everyone is be able to see the film for free. 

With the success of His Only Son, Angel Studios proved to the theatrical industry that this Pay it Forward model surpassed expectations. When you Pay it Forward, you are part of a movement in history to share stories that amplify light.

When is the Sound of Freedom DVD & Blu-Ray available?

It is available now in our store.

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