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We're looking for the next big hit in entertainment that amplifies light to the world.

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1. Submit Your Torch

A Torch is a 5+ minute concept video that represents your final production.

2. Guild Voting

Your Torch is voted on by the Angel Guild to determine if it qualifies for Angel partnership.

3. Angel Review

Once you pass the Guild, we meet with you to discuss a potential partnership with Angel.

4. Distribution

After reaching an agreement, we work together to share your project with the world.

Watch popular torches that have passed the Guild

At Least 5 Minutes Long

Continuous Scenes

High Quality Production

No Trailers or Reels

No Explicit Content

No Filmmaker Pitches

No Books or Scripts

No Websites or Brands

No Credits




Completed Movie Torch



Unfinished Movie Torch

A Week Away

A Week Away

Series Torch



Kids Torch



Animatic Kids Torch

Why Angel Studios?

Creative Control

Unlike many other studios, you maintain creative control over the content you produce, provided it is approved by the Guild.

Guild Feedback

After submitting your project, you will receive feedback from the Guild. Angel filmmakers continue to have access to consult with the Guild throughout the creative process.

Passionate Fan Base

Our passionate fan base eagerly supports our films and filmmakers. As a Guild-approved filmmaker, you'll reach an enthusiastic audience of millions of people across the globe.

No Distribution Fees

We believe in aligning incentives, so that's how we structure our deals with filmmakers. We only make money when you do.