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Alex Velluto - Thirsty
Joe DeVito - First of All...
Ali Sultan - Third World Energy
Brad Upton - I'm Not Done Yet!
Wes Austin - The Mall Cop of Lawyers
Tara Brown -  Adjusting to and Loving My Middle-Aged Life
Rocky Laporte - Not Bad For Two Years Of High School
Phil Kopczinski - Full Grown Man
Orlando Baxter - Glorified Baby Sitter
Matt Bergman - A Little Bit Balder Now
Leslie Townsend - Outstanding in My Field
Larry Omaha - Freaky Times in a Freaky World
Killer Beaz - Southern by the Grace of God
Kier - Comedy Rock Impressions
Ken Rogerson - Way North of 40
Keith Stubbs - Poundcake
Jordan Makin - Heckboy
John DeBoer - Put it On My Credit Card
Heath Hyche - Born Hyper!
Glen Tickle - The Favorite
Gid Pool - Welcome to Gid's World
Dave Dyer - Further Along Than Anyone Expected
Cliff Cash - God Needed A Driver
Chad Thornsberry - Fine Dining & Utter Nonsense
Bob Zany - I Think I Handled That Well
Andrew Hobbs - A Joke Unless It Works


Playing for Eternity
After Death