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Show Overview

Meet Zona, Devin, Micah, Owen, and Ryan—five millennial misfits hilariously hustling to get their aptly named Video Production Company off the ground. In a never-ending comedy of errors, they effort their little hearts out with endearing resolve.


At its core, Freelancers is meant to make people laugh. For the free spirits, the goody-goodies, and everyone in between, Freelancers resonates with audiences of all ages and personalities. It’s witty, quirky, and quotable. Trust us—you want to see this show.


You can watch Freelancers on a variety of platforms, including mobile, TV, and web. Search “Angel Studios” on your platform of choice to download or view our content. To see a full list of supported devices, go to Start streaming Freelancers today!

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There are a variety of ways to support Freelancers. One of the most important ways you can support our show is by watching it and sharing it with friends and family. Additionally, you can support a show by Paying it Forward.

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