Everything You Need to Know About Young DAVID
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Everything You Need to Know About Young DAVID

by Angel Studios | November 24, 2023

Young DAVID is a clever, wholesome, and beautifully animated series inspired by the early life of the legendary King David. Produced in collaboration with Minno, this series of five 5-minute shorts will serve as a prequel to our upcoming full-length animated feature DAVID, which is currently set to be released in 2025. 

This uplifting animated series will tell the story of the legendary biblical king in an entertaining and engaging way. Read on to discover more about the inspiring shorts, as well as about their subsequent feature film. 

What Is Young DAVID About? 

Dive into the life of David, a humble shepherd boy with a talent for poetry and playing the lyre, who is destined to lead Israel. Young DAVID, an uplifting 5-part animated miniseries by Angel Studios and Minno, follows the legendary biblical king in his beginnings as a humble shepherd boy. Step into biblical times and join the future king as he rescues his beloved sheep from danger, composes his beloved music and poetry, and embarks on plenty of adventures that reveal in him the makings of a future king. 

This clever and heartwarming series is suited for the whole family. With engaging stories and lessons that amplify light, truth, and goodness, Young DAVID is sure not only to entertain but to promote timeless and powerful truths among audiences of all ages. 

How Does Young DAVID Fit With the Upcoming DAVID Movie

The Young DAVID series is being released as a prequel to DAVID, a full-length animated feature currently in production and set to premiere in 2025. This series doesn’t replace the upcoming feature film; rather, the stories told in the Young DAVID shorts will lead perfectly into the film’s lessons and plot. While Young DAVID focuses on David’s formative early years, the DAVID film will follow his life from his time as a shepherd boy, up until he becomes King.

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When Will Young DAVID Be Released? 

The first short in the Young DAVID series, entitled “Warrior,” was released on November 10, 2023. An exciting new short will debut each month for the following five months. 

Can’t get enough of Young DAVID? Minno has released the first installment in a beautifully illustrated companion book series that corresponds with each chapter of the series. Check it out here

Is Young DAVID Biblically Accurate?

The idea for DAVID was first conceived when the film’s director, Phil Cunningham, studied the scriptural account of the life of David. We are committed to bringing this series and movie to life with as much biblical accuracy as possible, which passion has brought the team to Israel four times thus far to conduct research. We are working with Bible scholars and archaeologists in order to ensure the integrity of these projects. We’re excited to share the finished projects with you and hope you’ll enjoy this bright and authentic show. 

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Watch and Support Young DAVID

Young DAVID is a brilliant and inspiring watch for the whole family. Get excited for the DAVID movie by enjoying the future king’s antics and adventures in every Young DAVID short. You can stream the show in the Angel Studios app on your TV, computer, or mobile device. Access a full list of support devices here. The series is also available on goMinno. 

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