The Wingfeather Saga Watch Party Livestream Contest
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The Wingfeather Saga Watch Party Livestream Contest

by Angel Studios | March 21, 2024

Season One Watch Party Livestream Contest: Rules and Prizes

Season Two of The Wingfeather Saga is upon us! To prepare for its debut, we're thrilled to invite you to our Season One Wingfeather watch party livestream. The livestream will be split into two parts and take place on March 23 and March 30.

This isn't a typical livestream, it's your chance to relive the magic of Aerwiar, host a watch party, and participate in a fun contest along the way.

Season One Wingfeather Saga

If you want to host a watch party, here's what you need to do:

  • We encourage you to invite people who aren’t already fans of the show.

  • You must submit a picture of your watch party and the number of attendees to our Wingfeather socials or by using #WingfeatherWatchParty2

  • You can only submit once (after the second livestream on March 30).

  • Since you can only submit one watch party, pick whichever party has the number of attendees that aligns with your preferred prize!

  • You can only qualify for the specific prize tier you reach. (No switching!)

  • Only the host can submit.


Based on how many people attend your watch party, you can qualify for the following prizes:

  • 25-49 people = $50 dollar gift card for the Angel store (first 10 submissions)

  • 50-74 people = 6 month Guild membership including access to Season Two (first 5 submissions)

  • 75-99 people = 1 year Guild membership including access to Season Two (first 2 submissions)

  • 100-199 = Zoom call with Chris Wall, Executive Producer of The Wingfeather Saga (first (1) submission) 

  • 200+= Zoom call with Andrew Peterson, author of The Wingfeather Saga (first (1) submission)

Season Two Premiere and Livestream

Want to attend The Wingfeather Saga Season Two premiere? Join us in Franklin, TN on April 2 to meet the cast and crew. Register here.

If you can't make it to the premiere, join the Angel Guild to watch the exclusive livestream premiere and stream episodes early starting April 5.

Pay It Forward.
Your choice to Pay It Forward funds future seasons and keeps The Wingfeather Saga free around the world.