See the Full Cast of Wingfeather Saga Season 2
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See the Full Cast of Wingfeather Saga Season 2

by Angel Studios | May 29, 2024

The Iconic Voices of the Wingfeather Cast 

The time has come for the fantastical voices behind your beloved Wingfeather characters to step into the spotlight! Hear each voice actor reveal their remarkable journey to the show and recount what inspired them to adventure into their role. From Jody Benson’s fierce love for Nia to Kevin McNally’s fondness for Podo, this blog will answer all your queries about these iconic actors.

Meet the Wingfeather Cast 

As you meet the cast, be sure to refresh your knowledge of Aerwiar and read how this series is resonating with fans around the world.

Alkaio Thiele (Janner):

Alkaio Thiele as Janner

Alkaio Thiele voices Janner in The Wingfeather Saga. He is a Greek-American performer from the San Francisco Bay Area who began his professional acting career at twelve. His early success extended into voice acting and landing roles in an animated feature film and the long-running radio drama Adventures in Odyssey. Alkaio achieved a childhood dream by voicing Spidey/Peter Parker in season three of Disney Marvel's Spidey and His Amazing Friends, where his musicality earned him his first music credits. He also expanded his resume with work in a comedic Cartoon Network series set to release in 2024. Alkaio remains grateful for the influence of talented audiobook narrators like Jim Dale, who inspire his love and skill in voiceover work.

Alkaio has captured the spirit of Janner by highlighting his smart, heroic, and curious demeanor. Alkaio has said that acting alongside legends like Jodi Benson has been an incredible learning experience.

Hear about one of his favorite moments from the show here:

Griffin Robert Faulkner (Kalmar/Tink):

Griffin Robert Faulkner as Tink

Griffin Robert Faulkner voices Tink in The Wingfeather Saga and is known for It Comes at Night, Friends from College and Raising Dion

Griffin has said some of his favorite characteristics of Tink are that he’s funny, silly, and always wanting to place a bet on something. Griffin perfectly captures the essence of Tink’s character by portraying him as a fun-loving goofball who is a quick-thinker, full of life, and of course, always hungry. 

Romy Fay (Leeli):

Romy Fay as Leeli

Romy Fay voices Leeli in The Wingfeather Saga and began acting at age six. She has quickly built an impressive resume across television, film, and Broadway. She starred in the Original Broadway Cast of Tom Stoppard's Tony-winning play Leopoldstadt, appeared in Apple TV's Emmy Award-winning series Best Foot Forward and Eva The Owlet.  

Romy loves playing Leeli because just like her character, she has two older brothers and understands what it’s like to be the only girl. Just like Leeli, Romy loves her older brothers and is very empathetic. Romy loves how Leeli is a fierce and feisty presence that lifts everyone up when spirits are low. 

Jodi Benson (Nia):

Jodi Benson as Nia

Jodi Benson voices Nia in The Wingfeather Saga. She was born Jodi Marie Marzorati on October 10, 1961, in Rockford, Illinois, and has gained worldwide recognition and critical acclaim for her iconic voice roles. She is best known as the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Tour Guide Barbie in Toy Story 2, Weebo in Flubber, and Thumbelina in Thumbelina. Her other notable projects include The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning, The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch's London Adventure, Joseph: King of Dreams, Balto: Wolf Quest, Balto III: Wings of Change, and Enchanted.

Jodi’s favorite part about voicing Nia is that she is a mama bear and would do anything to protect her children. She relates to the maternal instinct to defend your family, while also being tender and loving. She admires how Nia loves motherhood and isn’t just a parent to her children, but a friend. 

Kevin McNally (Podo):

Kevin McNally as Podo

Kevin McNally voices Podo in The Wingfeather Saga. He was born on April 27, 1956, in Bristol, England, and began his acting career at 16 at Birmingham Repertory Theatre and later attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. He gained early acclaim on stage in London's West End and on television with roles in I, Claudius, Poldark, Masada, and Doctor Who. He became widely known for his portrayal of Joshamee Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. McNally lives in Chiswick, London, with his wife, Scottish actress Phyllis Logan, and their two children.

Kevin McNally is an expert at bringing the fierce and gruff energy of Podo to the screen. He loves the tough love Podo brings to his family and the role he plays as the protector. Even though Podo is an old man, he’s a force to be reckoned with and will fight for family until the end. 

Hear Kevin give greater insight into his character here: 

Other Notable Characters

Andrew Peterson (Oskar N. Reteep)

Andrew Peterson, author of The Wingfeather Saga series, voices the quirky and charming Oskar N. Reteep. Peterson has said that Oskar is loosely based on his dad, someone who is wise, well-read and surprisingly adventurous. 

Hear Andrew discuss Oskar’s character here: 

Henry Ian Cusick (Peet) 

Henry Ian Cusick as Peet

Henry Ian Cusick voices Peet in The Wingfeather Saga. He is a Peruvian actor and director and gained fame for his portrayal of Desmond Hume in the U.S. TV series Lost, earning a Primetime Emmy Award nomination. He also starred as Stephen Finch in ABC's Scandal, Marcus Kane in CW's The 100, Dr. Jonas Lear in Fox's The Passage, and Russ Taylor in CBS's MacGyver.

Henry had wanted to get into animation for years and was thrilled to voice the character of Peet in The Wingfeather Saga. As Henry began learning more about Peet’s character, he was intrigued by his funny, complex, and heroic energy. 

Ari Elizabeth Johnson (Sara Cobbler)

Ari Elizabeth Johnson as Sara Cobbler

Ari Elizabeth Johnson voices Sara Cobbler in The Wingfeather Saga and is also known for The Old Man & the Gun and Nickelodeon's Treasure Truck.

Ari has said that her character Sara Cobbler reminds her of herself and she aims to bring power and kindness to her role. Sara Cobbler becomes an increasingly prominent character in the series after she is taken by the Fangs. 

Hear why Andrew Peterson says Sara Cobbler is one of his favorite characters: 

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