The Ultimate Wingfeather Glossary
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The Ultimate Wingfeather Glossary

by Angel Studios | April 11, 2024

Gather ‘round, Wingfeather fans! With Season One under our belt and Season Two now premiering, it’s time to refresh your Wingfeather wisdom. Use this glossary as the source of truth for all things Wingfeather and prepare to wow your friends with all your knowledge.

The Wingfeather Saga Glossary

The descriptions below are taken from the official Wingfeather website where you can find an entire encyclopedia of terms.  

The Wingfeather Saga Characters

Aerwiar—the name of the world, a distortion of the first sentence spoken by the First Fellows, Dwayne and Gladys: "Here we are." According to the First Books, Aerwiar is a perfectly round hunk of earth and water that floats in an enormous black ocean. This is Plunibus of the Third Epoch's rendition of Aerwiar.

Anklejelly Manor—a mansion north of Glipwood, at the edge of the forest. It is unclear who built the house, but its most famous owner was Brimney Stupe, a lover of soup who's ghost was rumored to haunt the place.

Ankeljelly Manor

Black Carriage

Black Carriage—a ghastly carriage used by the Fangs for the kidnapping of Skreeans, mainly children.

Castle Throg—the castle high in the Killridge Mountains, where Gnag the Nameless makes his home.

Commander Gnorm—the fattest and meanest Fang in Glipwood.

Dragon Day Festival—the annual summer festival in Glipwood, when merchants and tourists invade the little town to witness the gathering and singing of the sea dragons.

Dragon Day Festival

Esben Wingfeather—father of the Igiby children, High King of Anniera. He was killed in the Great War when Janner was three, Kalmar was two, and Leeli was a newborn. Husband of Nia Igiby of the Green Hollows, brother of Artham P. Wingfeather.

Fangs of Dang—creatures that look exactly like humans, except for their green scales, poisonous venom, and tails. Fangs make up the bulk of Gnag the Nameless's army.

Fingap Falls—the waterfall where the Mighty Blapp River empties into the Dark Sea of Darkness.

Flabbit—a Skreean creature not much bigger than a meep.

General Khrak—the most powerful Fang in all of Skree; one of Gnag the Nameless’s oldest servants. Khrak differs from ordinary Fangs in his quickness, in both mind and body. He is headquartered in the Castle Torr, in Torrboro.

Glipwood Forest—a great forest on the eastern coast of Skree, north of the Glipwood Township. It is divided into northern and southern portions by the Mighty Blapp River.

Glipwood Forest

Glipwood Township—a small tourist town situated near the cliffs on the southeastern portion of Skree. Its citizens are farmers and merchants who spend much of their year preparing for the Dragon Day Festival, when people from all over the continent travel to Glipwood to watch the sea dragons dance by the light of the summer moon.

Gnag the Nameless—the leader of the Fangs of Dang, who lives atop the Killridge Mountains in the Castle Throg, where he does evil things, probably with an evil laugh.

Ice Prairies—cold. Very icy.

Janner Igiby—the eldest of the Igiby siblings and the protagonist of the series. He's a thoughtful and introspective person. Janner has a deep love for his family but wishes sometimes that he didn’t have the many responsibilities like he has. 

Igiby Siblings

Leeli Igiby—the only girl in the Igiby family, and she's also the youngest of the three siblings. She's a talented musician and she has a fierce determination to protect her family. Despite having a crutch and a lame leg, Leeli is determined to keep up with her brothers and prove her abilities to them. 

Nia Igiby—the mother of Janner, Tink, and Leeli, and the widow of Esben Wingfeahter, who died in the Great War. Despite the challenges of raising three children on her own in a world threatened by evil forces, Nia remains a strong and loving presence in their lives.

Oskar N. Reteep—a scholar and a collector of books of unparalleled magnitude. He spends countless hours cataloging and committing quotes from obscure authors to memory. 

Oskar N. Reteep

Peet the Sock Man— also known as Artham P. Wingfeather, he serves as the Throne Warden for the royal Wingfeather family of Anniera. 

Podo Helmer—the grandfather of the Igiby siblings and a former pirate. Despite his advanced age, Podo remains active and abhors being idle. Having faced his fair share of danger in his past, he deeply dislikes the threats that constantly loom over their world. 

Slarb—a rebellious servant of Gnag the Nameless. He takes great pride in his ability to conquer new lands and defeat his enemies.


T.H.A.G.S.—three Honored and Great Subjects (Word, Form, and Song), which all Annieran children learn.

Tink Igiby—Janner's younger brother, known for his love of adventure. He's always getting himself into trouble but has a heart of gold. Tink is fiercely loyal to his family and will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means breaking the rules.

The Wingfeather Saga Family

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