Tuttle Twins: How to Teach Your Kids About Bitcoin
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Tuttle Twins: How to Teach Your Kids About Bitcoin

by Angel Studios | May 2, 2023

Tuttle Twins is set to release an exciting new episode: “Bitcoin and the Beast” on May 2nd. The upcoming episode has been generating significant attention in the media, as it presents a unique opportunity to teach children how money works and what it means to earn it.

In the episode, viewers discover what revolves around the twins' decision to sell their dad's old video game and choose between accepting dollars and Bitcoin. They embark on a journey through the internet and a retro video game to learn more about what makes money valuable.

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With Bitcoin becoming an increasingly relevant topic in today's world, this episode presents a fantastic opportunity to educate kids about hard and easy money in an engaging and accessible manner.

Saifedean Ammous, the author of the #1 book on Bitcoin, “The Bitcoin Standard” and acclaimed economist, said this about how this latest Tuttle Twins episode greatly executed the topic of hard and easy money,

“I think the episode was really well done. I enjoyed how well the episode communicated the real essence of the idea of hard money and I think Bitcoin is great for illustrating this lesson. I like that it was an economics lesson that is enormously important that is unfortunately not taught in most schools and universities today. It is important to understand the difference between easy and hard money and people generally only learn that lesson the hard way. I think the episode does a great job of illustrating this and uses the story of the characters and the video game setting to communicate how easy money can take away the money that you work for while hard money can preserve it.”

  1. Start with the basics. Explain to kids what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and why it is different from traditional currencies.

  2. Use simple analogies. Analogies can help kids understand complex concepts. For example, you can compare Bitcoin to a digital piggy bank or a virtual currency that can be used to buy things online.

  3. Encourage critical thinking. Teach kids to think critically about cryptocurrencies. Explain the risks and benefits of investing in cryptocurrencies and encourage them to do their research before making any investment decisions.

  4. Incorporate games and activities. There are many games and activities available online that can help teach kids about personal finance. For example, you can use a board game to teach kids about investing and financial decision-making.

This upcoming episode is an excellent opportunity to teach kids about how money works and what it means to preserve it. By instilling an understanding of these concepts from an early age, parents can empower kids with the knowledge and skills they need, utilizing the help from the fun storylines of Ethan and Emily’s wild adventures!

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A: Proudly support the show by shopping for merch at https://shop.angel.com/tuttle-twins

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A: Season 2 premiered March 7th, 2023 on the Angel Studios app.

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Q: Is Tuttle Twins available in other languages?

A: Spanish subtitles are currently available, but Portuguese and Spanish dubs as well as Portuguese subtitles won't be available until the beginning of 2023.

Q: Is the Tuttle Twins show based on the best-selling books?

A: Yes, based on the Tuttle Twins books that have sold over 4 million copies. 

Q: How many episodes are in Season 1 of Tuttle Twins?

A: You can watch all 12 episodes now on the Angel Studios app.

Q: How many episodes will be in Season 2?

A: There will be 12 episodes released once a month throughout 2023. 

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