Tuttle Twins

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In a show that teaches important lessons through zany adventures and clever stories, Ethan and Emily Tuttle are a pair of inquisitive and daring twins on a quest to learn and grow. When the twins’ Grandma Gabby moves in with their family, she begins to teach them all about liberty, freedom, and economics— with the help of her pet raccoon, Derek, and her time-traveling wheelchair. Traverse through space and time with the Tuttle Twins and learn to be a better citizen while you’re at it.


The mission of Tuttle Twins is to reach 100 million kids, so in ten-years, when those kids are entering colleges and voting booths, their communities and our world will be a more free place. Millions of families that have bought the original Tuttle Twins books have found that stories are a great way to educate and entertain kids in ways school can't. Watch Tuttle Twins and teach the next generation the value of freedom through heroes of the past.

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