Tuttle Twins Series Launches New Round of Crowdfunding

Distributed by Angel Studios, The #1 Crowdfunded Kids Show in American History has Six Episodes in Production and is Opening Up for Another $2.7 Million in Investment to Teach Foundational Values of America.

First Episode Expected Summer 2021

Provo, UT—April 7, 2021—Updated March 29, 2024

Tuttle Twins, the #1 crowdfunded animated kids project in the US, is announcing a 2nd round of investment today. The series will be distributed by Angel Studios, a new movie and TV studio platform putting the power of Hollywood into the hands of everyday Americans. Tuttle Twins is looking to raise $2.7 million USD in 35 days to create additional episodes.

“The demand for this show has surpassed our wildest expectations, and we are moving production along as fast as possible to get an episode out to kids this summer. In our latest funding round, we’re aiming to raise enough to fully fund Season 1, and then we’ll look toward the next season,” said Daniel Harmon, Showrunner of Tuttle Twins.

Tuttle Twins, the #1 crowdfunding project for kids in the US, is based on the award-winning, bestselling book series featuring the adventures of the Tuttle Twins which has sold more than 2 million copies to date. The series follows the lovable characters as their journeys teach children about the foundational principles of America, including free markets, personal freedom, common sense economics, and more. The Tuttle Twins team has recently hired new talent who worked at Blue Sky Studios, and enlisted the help of artists who have worked on shows for Netflix, Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers and Apple TV+

How to Watch the Pilot

Tuttle Twin Campaign Facts

  • To date, Tuttle Twins has raised over $1 million USD in crowdfunding

  • The crowdfunding campaign is using same approach that The Chosen used to raise roughly $10 million for its series, making it the #1 crowdfunded media project in history.

  • There are 11 children’s books in the Tuttle Twin Series, the series has sold 2 million books to date, translated into 10 languages.


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