Official Teaser Trailer for THE WINGFEATHER SAGA Season Two Premieres

#1 Largest Crowdfunded Animated Family Series Gives a Sneak Peek of its Upcoming Season.

Provo, UT—February 14, 2024

Angel Studios - the platform empowering creators to crowdfund, create, and then distribute films and TV series globally with full creative control - has launched the official teaser trailer for The Wingfeather Saga: Season Two. A second video is also being released that featured reactions to the trailer from the child actors starring in the series, including Alkaio Thiele (Janner Igiby), Romy Fay (Leeli Igiby), and Griffin Faulkner (Tink Igiby) with executive producer and showrunner, Chris Wall featured at its conclusion. 

“I couldn’t be prouder of our team for what they pulled off in season one, but season two demonstrates that they were just getting started. I can’t wait for fans of the books and the show to see what’s coming. Fans of the show—and the Wingfeather heroes—are in for an epic ride,” states executive producer and author, Andrew Peterson. 

Showrunner Chris Wall said, “With all the mysteries and discoveries made in season one, fans are going to love the momentum of season two of The Wingfeather Saga. It takes off like a shot with new enemies the Igiby family must evade and devastating choices with far-lasting consequences. Our production team has stepped up to another level and we’re so excited with the sneak peek we’re sharing in this teaser. I think families are in for an epic experience this Spring!” 

Distributed by Angel Studios, The Wingfeather Saga features a renowned cast, like JODI BENSON (THE LITTLE MERMAID), KEVIN MCNALLY (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN), HENRY IAN CUSICK (Lost, The 100), BILLY BOYD (THE LORD OF THE RINGS), and others. Following the tremendous success of Season One, the Igiby family's epic journey continues, promising more secrets, adventures, and heart-stopping moments.

Based on the bestselling books, The Wingfeather Saga chronicles the adventures of the Igiby family as they discover secrets, flee the evil Fangs of Dang, seek their place in the world, and make a stand against the mysterious ruler, Gnag the Nameless. They will need their special gifts and all the love of their noble mother and ex-pirate grandfather to survive the venomous Fangs, sea dragons, flabbits, and (gulp) toothy cows!


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