Hit Animated Show Tuttle Twins Launches Episode on the Fatherless Epidemic with Special Guest, Dr. Ben Carson

Based on the Kids’ Book Series That Has Sold Over 5 Million Copies, Season 3 Boasts a Stellar Line Up of Guest Stars and Hot Button Topics

Provo, UT—June 6, 2024

Angel Studios—the platform empowering creators to crowdfund, create, and then distribute films and TV series globally with full creative control—has launched Season 3, Episode 2 of the acclaimed animated series Tuttle Twins.  Titled “Fighting for Fatherhood,” this episode features Emily and Ethan as they learn about fatherhood and the fatherless epidemic from special guest Dr. Ben Carson. 

“We are teaching kids the principles of freedom in a way that they won’t get anywhere else,” said Daniel Harmon, Showrunner for Tuttle Twins. “We’re also teaching about how personal responsibility is equally essential for a free society. That is a huge focus of Season 3.”

After more than 130 million views on the first two seasons, Season 3 continues the hilarious adventures of Ethan and Emily Tuttle as they join Grandma Gabby on her time-traveling wheelchair, meeting esteemed guests throughout time, space and dimensions. Episode 1 featured Mike Rowe and the topic of Skipping College. In less than 1 month, clips from that episode have topped 12M views across multiple platforms. 

Never one to shy away from tough issues, Season 3 will continue to tackle topics such as Digital Privacy, Freedom of Religion, and Personal Responsibility with a line up of guest stars, including Ashley St. Clair (Babylon Bee), Adassa (ENCANTO) and JP Sears.   

Link to Season 3, Episode 2 Trailer Here

Tuttle Twins teach kids about the foundational principles and values of freedom in a way they remember and enjoy. Described as “the magic school bus of freedom”, Tuttle Twins boasts an 8.0 on IMDb and a 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and has achieved an incredible 130 million views across their platforms in their first 2 seasons. This animated, crowdfunded TV series is based on the award-winning, bestselling kids book series that has inspired freedom-loving families across the nation, selling over 5 million copies.  

How to Watch

Season 3 of the Tuttle Twins will have 15 episodes releasing between May 7, 2024 and March 4, 2025 on the Angel Studios website, Apple App, Google Play, and at Angel.com 


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