Filmmaker Partners with Angel Studios Has Crowdfunded the First Theatrical Movie Release P&A in Entertainment History

The Angel Studios’ Original Feature Film HIS ONLY SON—in theaters nationwide March 31st—tells the Biblical Story of Abraham and Isaac with Theatrical Trailer Available Today.

Provo, UT—March 6, 2023—Updated January 19, 2024

Angel Studios–the platform empowering creators to crowdfund, create, and then distribute films and TV series globally with full creative control and which projects have been backed by over 64,000 angel investors through the Angel Guild–is announcing another first, a successful crowdfunding campaign that funded the theatrical release of HIS ONLY SON. This is the first time a theatrical release has been crowdfunded in entertainment history.

“Today, Angel reached another milestone with the first-ever crowdfunding of marketing funds for a theatrical release,” said Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios. “Because Angel’s decisions are driven by fans–and crowdfunding for His Only Son reached capacity in 100 hours–we are responding to the demand from the audience by at least tripling the theater count nationwide and throwing our most valuable marketing resources behind the film. The Angel Guild, made up of Angel investors from every show, have rated this film with one of the highest scores we have ever received in our system.”

HIS ONLY SON has concluded its crowdfunding campaign and will now be available in theaters nationwide on March 31st, just in time for Easter. Buy tickets at

Key Details on HIS ONLY SON

  • The movie has completed final production and has fully raised funds to support a theatrical release.

  • HIS ONLY SON is a Biblically inspired film based on the life of Abraham as told in Genesis chapters 12 through 22.

  • HIS ONLY SON is directed by David Helling, a U.S. Marine Corp veteran whose time in the deserts of Iraq formed the impetus for the film.

  • The movie commitment to accuracy is seen even in the authentic cast–with Abraham played by Nicolas Mouawad, a beloved Lebanese film and TV actor, and Sarah played by Sara Sayed, who was born and raised in Tehran.


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