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Gabriel and the Guardians: Major Updates

Join us this Tuesday, October 17 at 6 pm, MT, for an exciting update from the Gabriel and the Guardians team. We're thrilled to announce our upcoming voice actor contest! Are you passionate about voice acting? Tune in to learn more about how you can compete for a chance to be part of Gabriel and the Guardians. To top it off, we've got some new artwork to share, including the latest character designs from the team. Invest in Gabriel and the Guardians and enjoy benefits like exclusive posters and Zoom calls with our actors! Learn more at Disclosure: Qayinara Animation, Inc. (Gabriel and the Guardians) has entered into a Campaign Booster and Loan Agreement with Angel Studios, Inc. and granted Angel Studios an option to distribute its show as consideration for Angel Studios providing a monetary loan as well as assistance and expertise in the television/film production and advertising space while Qayinara Animation, Inc. (Gabriel and the Guardians) is trying to raise money to fund the production of the show. If Angel Studios exercises the option to distribute the Qayinara Animation, Inc. (Gabriel and the Guardians) show, Angel Studios will share in the revenues generated by the show. In addition, Qayinara Animation, Inc. (Gabriel and the Guardians) may use a portion of any proceeds it raises to repay the loan from Angel Studios.

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