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Meet Our Newest Cast Members! (Yes, Plural)

The response to our unveiling of Liz Tabish (Mary Magdalene in The Chosen) as our first cast member was INCREDIBLE. Who’s Next? How could we possibly top that? How about by introducing MULTIPLE cast members on our next livestream?  Plus: another huge announcement we can’t wait to share! Join us LIVE Tuesday, September 20th at 5pm PT for the most game-changing Shift livestream yet. (Yes, that’s a bold claim–we aim to make good on it.) Disclosure: The Shift has entered into a Campaign Booster and Loan Agreement with Angel Studios, Inc. and granted Angel Studios an option to distribute its film as consideration for Angel Studios providing a monetary loan for paid media as well as assistance and expertise in the television/film production and advertising space while The Shift is trying to raise money to fund the production of the film. Once The Shift has completed its campaign to raise money, The Shift may be required to pay back the loan extended by Angel Studios. Furthermore, if Angel Studios exercises the option to distribute The Shift film, Angel Studios will share in the revenues generated by the film.

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