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After Death

After Death: Questions Answered

The near-death experience: a phenomenon fraught with controversy, yet still unexplained by even the brightest of scientific minds. After Death plunges the audience into the afterlife, as told by individuals who claim they’ve stood at its door. The rise of this unprecedented film from Angel Studios has been met both with thunderous applause and criticism. In a special livestream on Friday, November 10 at 7 pm, MT, experts will be responding to reviews and critics from a scientific standpoint. Come prepared with your own hard-hitting questions about After Death and near-death experiences. Believers and skeptics alike will find immeasurable value in discussing these questions with those who’ve dedicated their lives to finding the answers. See After Death on the big screen before the film leaves theaters! Tickets are available at After you’ve watched the film, share your own stories about death, grief, and the other side in the Angel app.