Tuttle Twins

Tuttle Twins | Season 2 Episode 5 - A T-Rex and Tangled Ideas

Surprise! Season 2 Episode 5: “A T-Rex and Tangled Ideas” will air a few days early due to 4th of July fun. We’re calling it Freedom Friday and wow do we have an epic party we want you to join. This holiday bash includes throwing red, white, and blue food at either Daniel Harmon or Jonny Vance (you get to choose who!) so of course we had to invite everyone’s favorite know-it-all Karinne! Karinne’s voice actor, Natalie Madsen will be answering all your questions and dropping an announcement. But wait–there’s more! We’re announcing a July 4th sale: From June 30th to July 4th everything is 15% off sitewide and those who snag a Super Fan Season 2 Pass will get a free t-shirt. Go to tuttletwins.store now to get your discount! It’s safe to say we’re starting summer with a bang!






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