The Shift

The Shift Q&A With Paras Patel

Join us on November 15 at 7 pm, MT, for a special look into The Shift, coming to theaters December 1. The one and only Paras Patel, (Matthew from The Chosen), who plays Rajit Nadir in The Shift will be here with us to answer any of your burning questions about the film. In the film, Rajit is a family man who has not let life's trials get him down. See how Rajit overcomes his challenges with his faith amidst the challenges in his world by securing your tickets now to The Shift at Music Score - Dan Hassletine Executive Producer - Dallas Jenkins Editor - Brian Scofield - Cabrini & Sound of Freedom Sean Astin- Lord of the Rings, Stranger Things Neal McDonough- Band of Brothers, Minority Report, Captain America Liz Tabish- The Chosen Paras Patel- The Chosen Jordan Ross- 1883, The Chosen

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