The Wingfeather Saga

Whack-A-Thwap With Janner and Tink

Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 14 at 8 pm, ET, and prepare for an unforgettable livestream as we play our first mini-game in the virtual realm of The Wingfeather Saga together on Roblox! Join Griffin Robert Faulkner, the voice of Tink, and Alkaio Thiele, the voice for Janner, as they challenge other players to a friendly contest. Log in during the livestream and see if you can beat the Wingfeather brothers! You can team up with other Featherheads and play “Whack-a-Thwap” as many times as your heart desires! Amidst the Thwap-whacking frenzy, there's a rare Gold Thwap lurking about that’s ready to challenge your skills. Those coveted extra points await you if you whack the Gold Thwap, so keep your eyes peeled! Join our Wingfeather Discord here:

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