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Crowdfunding Is Officially Open | Live Not By Lies

Angel Studios’ Live Not By Lies is open for investment! Sit down with the filmmakers as they discuss how to back this groundbreaking series and give an update on the funds raised so far. But that’s not all—stay with us for extraordinary interviews with Dr. Carl Trueman, a renowned theologian, and Dennis Prager, a nationally syndicated talk show host and founder of Prager University (PragerU) – the most viewed conservative video site in the world. Ready to make a difference? Learn how to support Live Not By Lies by visiting Disclosure: Live Not By Lies has entered into a Campaign Booster and Loan Agreement with Angel Studios, Inc. and granted Angel Studios an option to distribute its show as consideration for Angel Studios providing a monetary loan as well as assistance and expertise in the television/film production and advertising space while Live Not By Lies is trying to raise money to fund the production of the show. If Angel Studios exercises the option to distribute the Live Not By Lies show, Angel Studios will share in the revenues generated by the show.

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