Angel Studios


Updated: December 22, 2023

By joining the Angel Guild, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions as a member of the Angel Guild.

  1. To protect the purpose and integrity of the Angel Guild, Angel Studios reserves the sole and absolute right to utilize a confidential formula designed and maintained at its complete discretion to calculate Torch ratings. This calculation method is implemented to preserve the accuracy, authenticity, and dependability of the Angel Guild in selecting future projects for Angel Studios.
  2. Angel Studios may change the practices and rules of the Angel Guild at its discretion to maintain the Guild's objective.
  3. As a Guild member, you understand that you will be chosen to view and vote on short video clips, known as Torches, from the Guild.
  4. You acknowledge that not all Guild members will have access to view all Torches due to the viewing generation process that Angel Studios has the absolute right to operate.
  5. The duration for which a Torch may be viewed in the Angel Guild may vary depending on the time required for a reliable Torch rating.
  6. Being a member of the Angel Guild is a privilege that may be revoked at any time due to improper behavior, such as sharing, copying, or distributing the confidential Torches you will view.
  7. Non-Returnable Items The following items are categorically non-returnable: PIF contributions; movie tickets; Guild membership fees; collectible scenes and frames; and other digital assets or goods.