Who are the Tuttle Twins?
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Who are the Tuttle Twins?

by Angel Studios | June 30, 2023

Today, it’s more and more difficult to find high-quality, educational shows that guide kids toward wholesome values. Meet Tuttle Twins. Ethan and Emily Tuttle go on exciting adventures with their time-traveling Grandma Gabby to learn valuable lessons about freedom, economics, and constitutional values. 

Based on the popular series by Utah author and freedom fighter Connor Boyack, Tuttle Twins is the number one family show about freedom. The novels have been loved by millions of kids and pre-teens, as well as by parents who want to instill in their kids a love of freedom and a knowledge of economic principles.

Meet the Tuttle Twins

Image of Ethan and Emily Tuttle

Ethan and Emily Tuttle

Ethan Tuttle

Ethan is brimming with creativity, curiosity, and ambition. He plans to change the world by being a successful entrepreneur, rockstar and filmmaker.

Likes: Ethan is a BIG fan of sugar. Particularly the 40 pound gummy bear variety. He’s curious kind, and always looking for a new creative project.

Dislikes: Ethan dislikes excessive rules. He loves learning but doesn’t always love public school. While his twin Emily likes to go by the book, he is quick to question the system. In the end, the twins balance each other out nicely. 

Character traits: Ethan is optimistic, a comic and leader. He’s not afraid to jump into a new experience, even when it could lead to failure. 

Emily Tuttle

Emily is on a mission to change with her interest in science. She’s a walking encyclopedia and is quick to spit out fun facts at a party. Did you know Lobsters have blue blood? How FUN! 

Likes: Emily likes to put her energy toward worthy causes, whether they be solving world hunger, curing cancer, or employing neighborhood kids. She is very analytical and has incredible book smarts. She’s quick to blurt out an answer or correct people even when it means annoying others. She likes to figure things out and she dreams of attending Princeton and winning a Nobel Prize. 

Dislikes: Emily dislikes the feeling of failure. She can overanalyze and stress too much about . She dislikes breaking any rules or disappointing any authority. Her twin brother helps her stand up to bad ideas. 

Character traits: Emily is inquisitive, brilliant and kind. Her big heart often leads her to empathize with others, while her big brain helps her avoid the pitfalls of dangerous ideologies like socialism.  

Meet the Other Tuttle Twins Characters

Ethan and Emily are joined by a host of friends and family on their escapades. Get to know them below.

Image of Grandma Gabby and Derek the Raccoon

Grandma Gabby and Derek the Raccoon

Grandma Gabby 

The twins’ Grandma Gabby is one part brilliant, one part crazy. Who else builds a wheelchair time-machine and keeps a rabid racoon as a pet? Always with loving advice and an exciting story to share, Gabby teaches her grandkids how to live with all the spunk she can muster. She’s a perfect mix of and too old to care what other people think of her ideas. In a culture where voicing conservative ideas can get you canceled, she lets the truth bombs fly. 

Likes: As an escapee from an communist regime in Cuba, Grandma treasures the freedom offered by the founding ideals of the United States.  She loves to spend time with her grandkids and introduce them to her famous friends throughout history like George Washington, Harriet Tubman and more. Grandma also enjoys a healthy dose of time traveling mayhem and life-threatening adventures because “niños are too soft these days”.

Dislikes: Grandma hates communism and other authoritarian ideas with a passion. She especially dislikes the dictators that push these dangerous ideologies onto others. She also hates HOAs. I mean why do they care if someone parks a bulldozer in the driveway anyway?!

Character traits: Grandma Gabby has been around the world (and across the space-time continuum), and it’s taught her to focus on helping the ones she loves to learn and apply ideas freedom to difficult problems. Her love of science and adventure may sometimes cause her to neglect her relationships and ordinary responsibilities, but unlike her house plants, her dedication to her loved ones never dies. Though it may come across as a lack of concern, she trusts the twins to use hands-on learning and make their mark on the world. 


Derek might just be the most interesting and ravenous raccoon you’ve ever met. His stomach is a black hole for garbage and communist literature (same thing). 

Likes: Derek likes to get into trouble. Slipping away from the not-so-watchful eye of Grandma Gabby has gotten him into many a pickle, which also means that excitement abounds with this little guy. 

Dislikes: Trash day. He was saving that trash for later. Those garbage trucks have no right to take it away! Also canasta. He hates that game. 

Character traits: Derek is both dumb and surprisingly intelligent all at once.  From the bagpipes to the slingshot, Derek (somehow) knows what he’s doing, while also being completely clueless.

Mrs. Julia Tuttle (The Tuttle Twins Mom)

The Tuttle’s mama is warmth and sunshine personified. A friend to everyone and a natural giver, she’s got a listening ear and probably a freshly baked empanada waiting for you. 

Likes: Mom likes to make friends at the Tuttle’s “Food for Thought” cafe she runs. She’s always helping others and chatting with others, even if she doesn’t know them. 

Dislikes: Mrs. Tuttle doesn’t take sass. She raised her kids to be polite and respectful or else. She also doesn't like that nosey neighbor Jen. Seriously Jen, stop being so nosey! 

Character traits: Mom is loving, outgoing, and smart. She’s knowledgeable about the family business and provides a listening ear to any problem her kids bring to her.

Mr. Eugene Tuttle (TheTuttle Twins Dad)

Oh Eugene. He’s a handsome, self-proclaimed nerd, and he loves his family more than anything. Dad‘s always there for the twins with a smile, a hug, and a favorite book.

Likes: Dad loves science. He met the twins’ mother at science camp, in fact, where they “first had chemistry.” He also loves to read and runs the neighborhood bookstore and café.

Dislikes: Dad dislikes spending time away from his beautiful wife and children. He’s well read and detests anti-freedom government policies. He’s brave and not afraid to stand up for freedom with his twins. 

Character traits: Dad is educated, loving, and smart. (Finally not a dumb dad) He’s an introverted, hardworking bookworm that shares his knowledge with anyone that will listen. He’s also very loyal to Mom, whom he loves and isn’t afraid to show it. Like all the time! 

Image of Karinne

Karinne Carmichael

Karinne Carmichael 

Don’t mispronounce Karinne’s name, or she may imprison you when she takes over the world. Karinne wants to control others and force them to do the right thing more than worry about fixing her own flaws. When choosing to be feared or loved, Karinne would choose fear every time. 

Likes: Karinne likes to be in charge. Everyone must obey her rules, or else. She’s a fan of government (when it’s her behind the wheel) and all things authoritarian. No matter the problem, Karinne believes government control is the answer, even when it has clearly failed in the past. She likes spying on the Tuttle twins and meddling in their efforts to foster freedom and liberty. 

Dislikes: Karinne dislikes not having the upper hand. She rules the neighborhood kids with an iron fist, and she dislikes it when people don’t live by the rules.

Character traits: Karinne is bossy, and often only cares about her own wants and needs. Although, when she feels the sting of bad laws, she might learn a thing or two about freedom once in a while. She may even join forces with the Tuttle twins to stop the bad guys. 


Unlike the famous astronomer of the same name, Copernicus is an idiot. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s a good friend and has incredible resilience to physical and emotional pain. 

Likes: Copernicus likes to be around Emily and Ethan. He enjoys playing with his invisible friend and he’s blissfully unaware of the more complex things in life.

Dislikes: A simpler-minded individual, Copernicus dislikes concepts he doesn’t understand (which is most of them). 

Character traits: Copernicus is lovable, and his lack of expectations for others (for better or for worse) makes him a lot of friends. He looks up to his friends, Ethan and Emily, who are just the right pals to teach him what he needs to know, and then turn around and never remember it.

The Tuttle Twins Adventures

All of Ethan and Emily’s adventures are designed to teach kids about history, personal liberty, and economics in a moral, freedom-minded way. The twins encounter space pirates, dismantle a takeover by an inflation monster, jump through a computer to learn about Bitcoin and much more. You won’t want to miss out on the fun and fantastic adventure of the Tuttle Twins.

Enjoy the magic of the Tuttle Twins, and share its timeless lessons and engaging stories with the future leaders in your life. You can catch up with the Tuttle Twins (we’re in the middle of an exhilarating second season) in the Angel Studios app, via your mobile device or TV. If you want to see more of the Tuttle Twins and help preserve the ideas of freedom and economic wisdom for generations to come, you can Pay it Forward and help fund more exciting adventures and lessons. You can also shop Tuttle Twins merch to show off your fandom. Our mission is to reach 100 million kids with the ideas of freedom. We can’t do it without you!

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