What Does the Empty Tomb Necklace Mean in The Shift?
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What Does the Empty Tomb Necklace Mean in The Shift?

by Angel Studios | November 14, 2023

The Shift, set to hit theaters on December 1, takes audiences on a journey through alternate realities as Kevin Garner (Kristoffer Polaha) fights to reunite with his love, Molly (Elizabeth Tabish). Central to this gripping tale is the Empty Tomb Necklace, a subtle yet powerful symbol that holds profound significance in the film.

The Symbolism Behind the Empty Tomb Necklace

In The Shift, the Empty Tomb Necklace serves as a symbol of hope. As Kevin navigates a totalitarian reality and battles The Benefactor's tempting offers, this necklace becomes a beacon of optimism in the face of adversity. The intricate design and subtle elegance of the necklace echo the film's themes of love and sacrifice.

Empty Tomb Necklace image

Director Brock Heasley sheds light on the importance of the Empty Tomb Necklace in the film, stating, 

"The cross. It's such a powerful symbol. I wondered: What other symbol could there be for Christ? From that simple question came an image. Two circles, one opened, one closed; the empty tomb and the great, rolled away stone side-by-side. Together, they looked very much like an infinity symbol. It is a subtle yet elegant expression of faith that speaks profoundly to the hearts of all Christians."

Kevin and Molly’s Relationship in The Shift

The relationship between Kevin and Molly is at the heart of The Shift. The Empty Tomb Necklace becomes a tangible representation of their love that transcends dimensions. As Kevin journeys through alternate realities, the necklace serves as a connection to Molly, a reminder of the love that drives him to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. To find out more about how the necklace will play a vital role in their relationship, get your tickets now. 

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