Who is Shmuel in The Chosen?
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Who is Shmuel in The Chosen?

by Angel Studios | October 29, 2023

Shmuel's identity in The Chosen is a compelling blend of biblical mystery and creative storytelling. In the context of the series, Shmuel serves as a character designed to mirror the unnamed Pharisees who opposed Jesus in the Gospels. The Bible does not specify the names of these Pharisees, leaving them as enigmatic figures.

The Chosen, produced by Angel Studios, artfully introduces Shmuel as the embodiment of this opposition. The series breathes life into the people of 1st Century Galilee, providing an authentic portrayal that transcends the traditional heroes and villains narrative. The series delves deep into the lives of those we've often perceived as "villains," particularly the Pharisees.

In this blog, we unravel the careful nuance with which The Chosen approaches the Pharisees, shedding light on one of their multifaceted characters, Shmuel. We believe that this nuanced depiction not only adds depth to the drama but also strives for historical accuracy. Join us as we explore the complexities of the Pharisees' roles in the biblical narrative and discover the layers of authenticity woven into the storytelling of this acclaimed TV series.

Exploring Shmuel's Opposition to Jesus

Shmuel's role as an antagonist to Jesus in The Chosen is a pivotal element of the series, shedding light on the theological and ideological conflicts of the time. To comprehend Shmuel's opposition, it's essential to delve into the broader context of the Pharisees in the biblical narrative, the way Shmuel represents opposition, and the theological conflicts that emerge from their interactions.

The Pharisees were a prominent group of religious leaders during Jesus' era, known for their rigorous adherence to Jewish law and tradition. They often challenged Jesus on various matters, including His teachings, healing on the Sabbath, and association with tax collectors and sinners. Their role in the Gospels is marked by skepticism and confrontation, setting the stage for the theological tensions that are central to the narrative.

Shmuel is introduced in The Chosen to embody this broader opposition that Jesus faced from the Pharisees. While the Bible generally does not provide the names of these antagonistic figures, Shmuel emerges as a composite character who personifies their collective doubts and challenges. His role as an opponent is not confined to a one-dimensional portrayal. Shmuel represents the multifaceted nature of those who questioned Jesus' actions and message. He becomes a central figure in the series, allowing viewers to engage with the complexities and dilemmas faced by those who opposed Jesus during His ministry up until His crucifixion. The heart of Shmuel's opposition to Jesus lies in the theological conflicts that arise from their interactions. These conflicts touch on fundamental aspects of religious doctrine, interpretation of the law, and Jesus' claims about his identity as the Messiah and the Son of God. In The Chosen, Shmuel's character embodies the Pharisaic concerns regarding Jesus' authority to forgive sins, his unconventional choice of companions, and his actions on the Sabbath, among other issues. The series explores these conflicts in depth, bringing to life the debates and philosophical struggles that characterized the relationship between Jesus and the Pharisees. 

Image of Shmuel and other Pharisees

Shmuel's Role in The Chosen

In this scene of The Chosen, Jesus realizes that Shmuel is dealing with some inner conflicts and asks him if he would be interested to pray with Him. In The Chosen, one of the most impactful moments is Jesus' encounter with Shmuel, a man who had been a relentless opponent, seemingly persecuting him at every turn. This particular meeting stands as a testament to the series' commitment to humanizing its characters, even those who oppose Jesus. In this poignant scene, Jesus finds Shmuel at his lowest, a moment when many would have seized the opportunity to belittle or condemn him. Instead, Jesus chooses a different path, one that embodies profound compassion and empathy. He seeks to understand the source of Shmuel's turmoil, delving into the reasons behind his distress. Fans are eager to see how their relationship develops in Season 4.

Shmuel's character is not merely a token adversary; he represents the complex interplay of religious beliefs and practices that marked the period. His opposition serves as a vehicle for viewers to delve into the theological intricacies of the time, offering a deeper understanding of the challenges Jesus faced in conveying his message to a skeptical audience.

Is Shmuel in the Bible? 

The presence of Shmuel's character in The Chosen raises an intriguing question: Does Shmuel have any biblical origins? To unravel the significance of this character, we embark on a journey of biblical exploration, comparing The Chosen's portrayal with scripture, and delving into the symbolism and deeper meanings interwoven into Shmuel's character.

Our biblical research takes us into the Gospels and other relevant texts in search of potential connections to Shmuel's character. While the Bible does not explicitly mention Shmuel in relation to the Pharisees who opposed Jesus, we navigate the broader context of the nameless Pharisees who challenged Jesus in stories like Mark 2:1-12, Mark 2:15-17, and John 5, in hopes of uncovering hints or clues regarding Shmuel's character.

By comparing The Chosen's interpretation of Shmuel with the scripture, we gain insight into the creative liberties taken to personalize Jesus' opposition, enhancing the narrative. This analysis reveals the artistic choices made by the creators and the series' commitment to weaving a story that resonates with viewers on multiple levels.

Exploring Shmuel's Journey and Growth

In the series, Shmuel's character undergoes a significant transformation, transitioning from a nervous yet eager disciple of Nicodemus to a zealous defender of the Law and a formidable opponent of Jesus. His separation from Nicodemus on unfavorable terms adds layers of conflict and drama to the narrative, allowing viewers to explore the intricate psychology and motives behind those who opposed Jesus, mirroring the biblical Pharisees' skepticism. The decision to consolidate these opponents into one character, Shmuel, provides continuity and depth to the storyline. It enables viewers to form a relationship with this character, allowing for emotional investment and a deeper understanding of the evolving dynamics between Shmuel and Jesus. This narrative approach adds richness to the series and fosters a more profound exploration of the theological and ideological conflicts at the heart of the biblical stories.

The Chosen's choice to personify Jesus' opposition through Shmuel not only makes for compelling storytelling but also allows us to engage with the complexities of those who questioned Jesus' message and mission. Shmuel's character journey in the series becomes a microcosm of the broader themes of transformation, redemption, and the human experience, enriching the narrative and resonating with viewers on a deeper level. 

Who Plays Shmuel in The Chosen?

In The Chosen, where the portrayal of characters from 1st Century Galilee is meticulously nuanced, the actor behind Shmuel exemplifies the series' commitment to authenticity. Shaan Sharma takes on the role of Shmuel, a character crafted through extensive historical and cultural research, representing a composite of nameless Pharisees who opposed Jesus. Shaan Sharma's portrayal of Shmuel is nothing short of remarkable. With a deep understanding of the character's nuances and the cultural context in which Shmuel exists, he brings this multifaceted antagonist to life in a way that resonates with viewers. His performance is a testament to the dedication of The Chosen's cast and crew to create an authentic representation of the era and its characters.

Shaan Sharma's ability to infuse depth, emotion, and authenticity into Shmuel's character adds a layer of complexity to the series, making it not only a compelling drama but also a more historically accurate and thought-provoking narrative. His portrayal of Shmuel is a beautiful example of how meticulous research and exceptional acting come together to breathe life into the characters of The Chosen, making the series a standout in its genre.

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