Lazarus in The Chosen
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Lazarus in The Chosen

by Angel Studios | October 22, 2023

Who is Lazarus in The Chosen?

We first meet Lazarus in The Chosen Season 3 Episode 3, “Physician, Heal Yourself.” Jesus is back home to celebrate Rosh Hashanah with His mother Mary and is greeted by Lazarus, His childhood friend. Lazarus is accompanied by his two sisters, Mary and Martha who are both excited to reconnect with Jesus. 

We immediately sense the close friendship between Jesus and Lazarus when Jesus refers to him as “Laz.” Lazarus, portrayed by Demetrios Troy, is very playful and lighthearted with Jesus. He stands in awe of Jesus for all of his miraculous teachings, but is quick to humble Him when he forces Jesus to play a game of catch. Lazarus has the unique ability to reveal a childlike, fun loving side of Jesus that no other character in The Chosen does quite as well. 

Lazarus’ role in The Chosen through Season 3 is as a trusted and loyal friend to Jesus. He not only defends Jesus’ teachings when other friends question Him, but promises to take care of Mother Mary while Jesus is away. Lazarus is a great example of defending your friends, even when no one else will.

Lazarus comforting Mary

The Mystery of Lazarus

Lazarus is a figure mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible, specifically in the Gospel of John. He is most well-known for the story of the raising of Lazarus, which is found in John 11:1-4. Similar to his character in The Chosen, in the Bible Lazarus is a friend of Jesus and the brother of Mary and Martha.

As noted in the Bible, Lazarus fell ill and died and he was buried in a tomb. Jesus, upon hearing of Lazarus's death, was very upset and went to his tomb, where he was raised from the dead by Jesus. This miraculous event is one of the key moments in the Gospel of John, illustrating Jesus's power over death and demonstrates the resurrecting power that will be used in His resurrection.

Lazarus is often seen as a symbol of Jesus's power to bring spiritual and physical life to those who believe in Him. This story is also significant because it is said to have contributed to the religious authorities' decision to plot against Jesus, as they viewed His actions as a threat to their authority and the stability of their society.

While the New Testament doesn’t portray Lazarus and Jesus as close childhood friends as seen in The Chosen, scripture verses do mention that Jesus had broken bread with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus prior to Him raising Lazarus from the dead. It’s clear that Jesus was close with their family and loved them dearly. 

The introduction of Lazarus in The Chosen Season 3 is the perfect precursor to the ultimate miracle of Jesus raising him from the dead, which could potentially be depicted in Season 4

What Does Jesus Whisper to Lazarus in The Chosen?

In The Chosen Season 3 Episode 3, we see Jesus get taken away by Rabbi Benjamin after He proclaims Himself as the Messiah. Just as Jesus is being taken away and potentially harmed, Lazarus stands up to protect Him. Jesus immediately whispers something in his ear that is inaudible. 

While it's never revealed what Jesus whispers to Lazarus in The Chosen, there are some educated guesses. One guess is that Jesus told Lazarus to fear not and to allow the men to take Him away. Jesus knew it wasn’t His time to die and was potentially calming Lazarus down.

Another idea is that perhaps Jesus told Lazarus to take care of his mother Mary and to meet Him at His father’s tomb. At the end of the episode, we see Lazarus accompanying Mary to comfort Jesus as He cries at the stone tomb of His father Joseph.

While we don’t know specifically what Jesus whispered to Lazarus, we can infer that Jesus was trying to offer hope and comfort to His distraught friend. 

Exploring The Chosen Lazarus Scenes

In Season 3 of The Chosen, we see Lazarus arrive from Bethany with his sisters Mary and Martha to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. There, he quickly reunites with Jesus and they begin catching up as old friends.

Lazarus, along with Mary and Martha, are in awe of the stories they’ve heard of Jesus’ teachings and miracles. Lazarus is particularly perplexed because he remembers trying to convince Jesus to be a craftsman in Bethany, and now He’s a famous Rabbi. 

While Jesus is quiet and humble about His status, Lazarus is quick to praise His name. He convinces Rabbi Benjamin to allow Jesus to give a sermon at the synagogue. When Jesus’ teachings are not well received, Lazarus is the first to defend Jesus. Lazarus first goes to protect Jesus from being escorted away, and then immediately goes to Mary’s aid. This display of fierce loyalty to Jesus is a key characteristic of Lazarus. 

Jesus, Lazarus, and Mary at the tomb

Symbolism and Themes Around Lazarus

The account of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead in the Bible is one of the most famous miracles, and one that was a catalyst for His crucifixion. Many themes and symbols can be gleaned from Lazarus’ story in both the Bible.

Faith and Belief: The faith of Mary and Martha, Lazarus's sisters, is a central theme in the biblical story of Lazarus. Their belief in Jesus is tested when Lazarus dies, but their unwavering faith is rewarded with the resurrection of their brother. 

Resurrection and Redemption: Lazarus had been dead for four days, and his return to life illustrates the Christian belief in the resurrection of the dead. It foreshadows Jesus's own resurrection and underscores the promise of eternal life for believers.

Jesus preaching 

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