Is The Chosen Biblically Accurate?
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Is The Chosen Biblically Accurate?

by Angel Studios | February 14, 2023

How Biblically Accurate is The Chosen?

The Chosen is the critically acclaimed TV show about the life of Jesus. Each episode follows his ministry as he teaches, heals the sick, finds disciples, and lives out the stories of the Bible.

Is The Chosen Biblically Accurate?

The Chosen stays true to the details that are in the text of the New Testament. Each episode takes artistic license to fill in the many blanks where the text does not go into detail, but this artistic license is all feasible considering the details that are provided.

What Does The Chosen Cover?

The Chosen covers many stories told in the Bible. Here’s a break down of the Bible scenes depicted so far.

Jesus is born

The Birth of Jesus

The Shepherd

  • Shepherds at the birth of Christ: Luke 2:8-18

The Messengers

  • The Magnificat: Luke 1:39-55

  • Joseph and Mary: Matthew 1:18-21

  • The Birth of Jesus: Luke 2:7

The wedding at Cana

The Wedding at Cana

Season 1

Episode 1

  • The Healing of Mary Magdalene: Luke 8:2

Episode 4

  • Jesus calls Simon: Luke 5:1-11

  • The Parable of the Fish in the Net: Matthew: 13:47-52

Episode 5

  • Young Jesus in the Temple: Luke 2:42-50

  • The Wedding at Cana: John 2:1-11

Episode 6

  • Jesus Heals a Leper: Mark 1:40-44

  • Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man: Mark 2:1-11

Episode 7

  • Jesus and Nicodemus at Night: John 3:1-16

  • Jesus calls Matthew: Matthew 9:9

Episode 8

  • Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-law: Mark 1:29-31

  • Jesus Eats with Sinners: Matthew 9:10-13

  • Jesus and the Woman at the Well: John 4:7-29

Jesus talks to John the Baptist

Jesus Talks to John the Baptist

Season 2

Episode 1

  • The Prologue to the Gospel of John: John 1:1-5

  • James, John, and the Samaritans: Luke 9:51-56

  • The Parable of Lost Sheep: Matthew 18:12-14

Episode 2

  • Jesus calls Nathaniel: John 1:45-51

Episode 4

  • Jesus Heals at the Pool of Bethesda: John 5:1-13

Episode 6

  • Plucking Grain on the Sabbath: Mark 2:23-28

  • Jesus Heals a Man with a Withered Hand: Mark 3:1-6

Episode 7

  • The Lord’s Prayer: Luke 11:1-4

Episode 8

  • Jesus Prepares for the Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5-7

Jesus is touched by the woman with an issue of blood

Jesus in the Crowd

Season 3

Episode 1

  • The Sermon on the Mount: Matthew 5-7

Episode 2

  • Jesus Sends out the Twelve: Luke 9:1-6

Episode 3

  • Jesus Reads From the Scroll of Isaiah: Luke 4:16-28

Episode 5

  • Jesus Heals Jairus’s Daughter: Matthew 9:16-26

  • Jesus Heals the Woman with an Issue of Blood: Matthew 9:20-22

Episode 6

  • Jesus Speaks with the Messengers of John the Baptist: Matthew 11:12-19

Episode 7

  • Jesus Heals a Deaf Man: Mark 7:31-37

Episode 8

  • Feeding of the 5,000: Matthew 14:13-21

  • Jesus Walks on Water: Matthew 14:22-33

What Do the Creators Say about Including Things That Aren't in the Gospels?

While The Chosen pulls its characters, themes, and plot lines from the Bible, it is not a one-to-one comparison. Hear from Creator Dallas Jenkins and various consultants in this Bible roundtable to learn more.

Learning More About The Chosen

Are you curious yet? Start watching The Chosen today to find out how biblically accurate it is for yourself! And don't forget to check out our other mission-driven free drama movies and shows.

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