Did Nicodemus Follow Jesus?
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Did Nicodemus Follow Jesus?

by Angel Studios | February 21, 2023

Was Nicodemus a Follower of Jesus?

Nicodemus and Jesus

In Season 1 of The Chosen, a man named Nicodemus meets Jesus. Does he follow Him? Who was he? Was he mentioned in the Bible?

Did Nicodemus Follow Jesus?

While Nicodemus is mentioned three times in the New Testament, The Chosen depicts him as not following Jesus. Here’s how his story plays out in The Chosen

  • Nicodemus is asked to heal a woman (Mary Magdalene) who is possessed by demons

  • Nicodemus meets the now-healed Mary and asks her how such a miracle occurred

  • Nicodemus seeks to find the man responsible for her healing

  • Nicodemus meets with Jesus at night and learns what he must do to enter the Kingdom of God

  • Nicodemus is invited by Jesus to follow Him

  • Nicodemus does not join Jesus’ group of disciples

In the Gospel of John, Nicodemus is mentioned as—

Who was Nicodemus?

Nicodemus was a Pharisee. According to the Gospel of John, Nicodemus came to Jesus one night to ask him about his teachings and was told that he must be "born again" to enter the Kingdom of God.

In Christian tradition, Nicodemus is often used as an example of someone who initially came to Jesus with doubts and questions, but who eventually became a believer. He is also sometimes cited as an example of someone who was willing to stand up for what he believed in, even when it went against the prevailing opinion of the ruling council.

What is a Pharisee?

A Pharisee is a member of the Sanhedrin, the ruling council of the Jews in Jerusalem. They were known for their strict adherence to Jewish law and traditions, and their emphasis on the importance of studying the Torah.

The Pharisees believed that Jewish law was a living tradition that could be interpreted and applied to changing circumstances. They placed great emphasis on the study of the Torah and the Talmud, and believed that the interpretation of Jewish law should be left to experts who had undergone rigorous training in legal interpretation.

What Happened to Nicodemus After His Encounter with Jesus?

Nicodemus and Mary Magdalene

In the New Testament, after Jesus and Nicodemus meet at night, Nicodemus defends Jesus to the other Pharisees and is present during His burial.

How The Chosen Highlights Nicodemus

As mentioned above, the story of The Chosen and the depiction of Nicodemus in the New Testament vary. In Season 1 of The Chosen, Nicodemus rejects Jesus’ invitation to follow Him, but is still a beloved character.

We’re highly anticipating Nicodemus’ continued story in later seasons of The Chosen. Watch Nicodemus in Season 1 today!

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