What is True in the SIGHT Movie?
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What is True in the SIGHT Movie?

by Angel Studios | May 24, 2024

SIGHT, in theaters now, chronicles the true story of Dr. Ming Wang, a world-renowned eye surgeon who set out to restore sight to a blind orphan. You’ll leave the theater in awe at this incredible tale of heart and resilience! But the best part? Almost all of it is completely factual! 

We spoke with the real Dr. Ming Wang and were astounded by how little was dramatized in the film. Read on for what’s true and what’s been fictionalized in the movie SIGHT

Warning! This article contains spoilers! 

Image of Dr. Wang in SIGHT

What is True in SIGHT

Essentially everything! Dr. Wang really did pioneer the amniotic membrane contact lens, a medical technique that has restored the eyesight of millions around the world. His unbelievable accomplishments were in fact influenced by his time growing up in China’s Cultural Revolution. As the movie depicts, he is an accomplished erhu musician, plus a celebrated ballroom dancer. In this case, the true story really is as amazing as the movie!

Image of Young Dr. Wang in SIGHT

What is Fictionalized in SIGHT

Not much. But there are a few fun details that we can clear up for you. 

  • Dr. Wang really did meet his wife, Anle, at the Japanese restaurant. But she was his waiter, not the bartender. 

  • The man who consumes too much wasabi really did have heart issues and Dr. Wang performed CPR to save his life. However, this was actually a good friend of Dr. Wang’s, not a stranger as the movie depicts. This friend went on to tell his medical students in a cardiology lecture that too much wasabi can cause enough parasympathetic nervous activity to slow your heart beat to a stop. 

  • During the Cultural Revolution in China, Dr. Wang worked in a paper-wrapping factory, not a shoe factory. 

  • The EyeBall depicted at the end of the movie is actually a full-blown ballroom dance party. The intent of the party is to show the wonder of being able to see by watching beautiful dancing all night. 

  • And finally, let the record show that Dr. Wang’s brother, Ming-yu, is not bald. 

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