Updates on David Helling's Upcoming Biblical Epic: Jacob
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Updates on David Helling's Upcoming Biblical Epic: Jacob

by Angel Studios | March 26, 2024

In 2023, Angel Studios’ theatrical debut, His Only Son, made waves with over 12 million dollars at the box office. This set the stage for talented Writer and Director David Helling to make another biblically accurate film, Jacob. 

We're excited to tell you all of the developments for Jacob as the project is still underway. 

What is Jacob?

The film will chronicle the life of Jacob beginning with the death of Abraham. Along with the exploration of the lives of Leah and Rachel, this film will dive deeper into these biblical figures with rich character development and faithfulness to the Bible. In this film, there will be a special focus on redemption and how these characters all play a part in God’s redemptive plan.

From Script to Screen: David Helling's Vision for Jacob

One of David Helling’s trademarks as a director is how he goes beyond the source material to bring characters to life that often get lost or forgotten even for faithful followers of the Bible. In His Only Son, audiences witnessed the portrayal of Abraham’s wife Sarah, played by Sara Seyad, which was soul-stirring and thought-provoking. Jacob will bring beautiful accurate depictions of Jacob, Leah, and Rachel—characters whose struggles and triumphs resonate across millennia.

To accurately tell a story like Jacob, you have to immerse yourself in the world of these characters. Helling has worked tirelessly on the script and research throughout his time in Israel. This commitment to authenticity and attention to detail underscores Helling's dedication to delivering a compelling and true-to-life portrayal of the characters and events depicted in Jacob.

Watch this video to learn more about the extraordinary sites that Helling visited, including the renowned Abraham’s Well.

Just as His Only Son touched the hearts of Angel Guild members and moviegoers worldwide, Jacob will pick up right where that story leaves off. As the film heads into its crowdfunding stage later this year, look out for updates from their team as they embark on a journey to bring another powerful biblical narrative to life on the big screen. Your support and enthusiasm make all the difference in making these projects a reality.

Haven’t seen Helling’s directorial debut, His Only Son? After the film’s successful box-office success, His Only Son is finally available to watch for free on the Angel Studios app or the web. Join us in anticipation of the upcoming release of Jacob

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