Pay It Forward to The Chosen
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Pay It Forward to The Chosen

by Angel Studios | December 19, 2022

When you Pay It Forward, you help The Chosen fund future seasons and spread the show to the world! 

The Chosen Highest Grossing Crowdfunded Show

What is Pay It Forward?

The Chosen, an Angel Studios Original, is free for anyone to watch. But it takes millions of dollars to produce and stream high-quality content. Your Pay It Forward dollars help spread The Chosen throughout the world.

Why Pay It Forward?

Some fans might not have the budget for a viewing experience, but we want everyone to see The Chosen. That’s where you come in! 

When you Pay It Forward, you also help give the show to fans across the globe. The best part? The Angel Studios app allows you to see personalized thank yous from grateful viewers and offers you an opportunity to build a community with other Chosen bingers. 

Pay It Forward also benefits you

Paying It Forward comes with perks. When you Pay It Forward to The Chosen or any Angel Studios Original, you receive special rewards. These include: 

  • Early access to each episode

  • Set visits

  • Your name in the credits

  • And more, depending on how much you Pay It Forward

You can easily Pay It Forward in the Angel Studios app one time or monthly. Paying it Forward also allows you to track how many people you’ve reached with your dollars. 

Watch Season 3 and Pay It Forward today!

Pay It Forward.
Your choice to Pay It Forward keeps Angel Studios free around the world.