Please be Patient During the Transition of The Chosen App and the Angel App
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Please be Patient During the Transition of The Chosen App and the Angel App

by Angel Studios | December 6, 2022

There's a lot of discussion around the Angel Studios app, The Chosen app, and which one to use. Please be patient with us as we communicate the transition and as both apps improve. The two apps are distinct from each other, cooperative, and only slightly competitive.


  • The Chosen app is more focused on ministry outreach, biblical roundtables, behind-the-scenes, deeper dives, and, we hope, one day direct connections between the show and the scriptures inside the app.

  • The Angel Studios app is more focused on building a library of great stories that amplify light, like The Chosen, to make a difference in the world. Tens of thousands of angel investors made The Chosen happen and tens of thousands more are making many more great shows happen.


Both apps link to the same matching donation page. Both apps market The Chosen and contribute to the production of future seasons. Both apps are striving to reach over a billion people with this authentic retelling of the greatest story ever told.

Slightly Competitive

Both apps have equal streaming rights to provide the show first. You get to choose where you want to watch. However, after making that initial choice, you can still:

  • support The Chosen and the ministry outreach in The Chosen app, even if you watch first on the Angel Studios app.

  • support The Chosen and a platform telling stories that amplify light in the Angel Studios app, even if you watch first on The Chosen app.

Or, in other words, you get to support and benefit from both apps.

Thank you,
Neal Harmon
Co-founder & CEO
Angel Studios

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