Introducing The Axiom Chronicles: A New Kids' Show Adventure
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Introducing The Axiom Chronicles: A New Kids' Show Adventure

by Angel Studios | January 3, 2024

What is The Axiom Chronicles?

What would you do if you were chosen to battle evil robots and save the planet? That’s the task at hand in Angel Studios’ upcoming animated series The Axiom Chronicles. This sci-fi adventure follows a boy named Rake who is chosen by a cosmic power to save his people and the planet from the oppressive Mechnohive.

Key Characters in The Axiom Chronicles

Target Audience

This epic series is designed specifically for 8-12-year-olds who are eager to watch a show dedicated to finding the light, discovering your calling, and fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves. Grounded in Christian values, this series is meant to teach kids about the importance of overcoming darkness and fighting for freedom from evil. 

What Sets The Axiom Chronicles Apart? 

In the digital age where streaming is constant and options are endless, there is a surprising gap in the market: faith-based, kid-friendly content. The filmmakers realized this gap years ago and have been trying to remedy it ever since. With The Axiom Chronicles, they have set out to create a series that is inspired by the biblical story of Moses. Just as Moses discovers his heritage and seeks to free his people, Rake in The Axiom Chronicles uncovers his true identity as a chosen hero destined to save his planet from enslavement. 

The Axiom Chronicles is fulfilling an unmet demand in the entertainment industry by creating content that not only entertains, but enriches. Each episode teaches children life lessons inspired by the Bible. These ancient stories told in a sci-fi animated world have the power to impact kids for generations to come. 

The Axiom Universe: Plot, Characters, and A Sneak Peek into the World

There’s a lot at stake on the planet of Xeden as good and evil forces face off in an epic battle. Get to know some of the key characters in the series! 


In the vast reaches of space a planet lies dying. On it, a robotic hive runs rampant searching for the source that gave it life, the Axiom crystal. Now, the Mechnohive rules over the planet, enslaving the people (or “organics”) as their labor force. Groups of organic outlaws and rebels fight to survive the oppression of the Mechnohive. A spark of hope is ignited when a shard of the Axiom finds its way into the hands of an unlikely hero.

Key Characters 

Antagonists in The Axiom Chronicles


Rake is the hero and protagonist of the series. He slowly begins to unravel his mysterious past and discover that he holds the key to saving his planet from the Mechnohive. 

Dunebot and Sparky

Dunebot and Sparky are robots that befriend Rake on his journey of self-discovery. They are the first robots he ever meets who are not under the control of the Mechnohive.

Screwloose Joe

Screwloose Joe is a crazy old desert hermit who helps Rake unravel his past. 

Shogun Syn and Dr. Bantom

Shogun Syn and Dr. Bantom are the maniacal leaders of the Mechnohive. They control all the evil robots, from the desert roving Torotusks to the stealthy flying Hornet Drones. Their objective is simple: to obtain all the energy from the Axiom Crystal and secure absolute power over the planet. 

Behind the Scenes: Crafting The Axiom Chronicles

Among the brilliant minds behind The Axiom Chronicles are Executive Producer/Writer Luke Bolin, Director Shawn Gourley, and Art Director Dillon Wheelock. Dillon’s sketches that went on to become characters in the series were heavily inspired by Genndy Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack and Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoons. When Luke and Shawn saw his initial artwork, they were blown away and knew they needed to create a story inspired by the illustrations. Shortly after, they formed Axiom Productions, Inc., so they could develop what is now The Axiom Chronicles. 

What struck Dillon most about series like The Clone Wars was the filmmakers’ ability to execute incredible storytelling in a very small amount of time. Among his other inspirations were the hieroglyphics illustrations found in Prince of Egypt

Hear the whole team discuss the story behind the series here: 

When Will The Axiom Chronicles be Released?

The show's creators have mapped out a four-season plan, allowing them ample time to develop an audience and market to fans. But before this series can come to life, enough people must Express Interest in seeing it get made. Once enough people express interest and the filmmakers launch a crowdfunding campaign, production can get underway. Express Interest in The Axiom Chronicles today and help launch this new universe to a worldwide audience! 

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