How to Book a Private Showing
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How to Book a Private Showing

by Angel Studios | April 25, 2024

Did you know you schedule a private showing for Angel Studios' releases? The steps are easy and booking a private showing guarantees you see new movies when you want, with only the people you want.

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How to Schedule a Private Showing

  1. Visit

  2. Fill out the Private Showing Form and click "Submit Form"

  3. That's it! You'll hear back within 24-48 hours with details on how to secure your theater.*

*No need to contact customer support if you don't see a reply right away. Please wait 48 hours, and if you still haven't received a response, head to

Why Should I Schedule a Private Showing?

Movies have a general release date, but when you book a private showing, you can see new films earlier than anyone else! You can continue to schedule private showings after the release date, too.

What's more, when you book a private showing, you get to pick who sees it with you! No more kiddos you don't know kicking your chair or strangers on their phones. Throw a theater party for everyone you know or host an event for your employees. Invite your church group or put on a family reunion. The possibilities are truly endless.


Q: How much does it cost to schedule a private showing?

A: Prices depend on whichever theater you choose to book with.

Q: What if I don't hear back after I submit the form?

A: If you don't receive a response in 48 hours, head to

Q: Will other Angel Studios theatrical releases be available for private showings?

A: Yes! Bookmark this blog and check back for upcoming films you can see in private showings.

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